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  1. After making further enquires at Royal Mail website it transpires they do in fact ship items containing lithium batteries, subject to certain conditions eg number of batteries so apologies for any confusion. They inform that is the Philippines Postal Service or Customs which prohibits lithium batteries. I looked at Lazada but already purchased the tablets in the UK. l am considering removing the batteries before I post them might be less hassle and I will definitely be looking into balakbyan boxes for the future, many thanks guys for all the input. regards, ron
  2. Thanks guys for replying, I enquired at UK Royal Mail and DHL they both emailed back to state they do not ship items with lithium batteries but it might be different rules for commercial shippers or other countries. You suggest using a Bakikbayan box, I looked into that ages ago as I send stuff to my family several times a year but I was told back then that only Philippine nationals are permitted to send Balikpapan boxes and I am Scottish. regards, ron
  3. Hi, I want to post two Amazon Fire 8 tablet computers from the UK to family in the Philippines but because they contain lithium batteries Royal Mail and DHL say they can’t ship them, is there anyway I can send them or is it just not possible due to Philippines customs restrictions? Regards, Ron
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