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  1. Thanks for all your comments everyone. I know I need boots on the ground but some things you don't learn till you live there the better part of a year. I am confident about the areas south of Dumaguete but want to consider a few places in southern Cebu island as well. Can't wait for these pandemic restrictions to end so I can return and get more experience with the locations.
  2. It has been three times in the last 5 years. I would have spent 6 weeks this past winter but of course travel is not allowed. I am hoping to return in November or December 2021... Really really hoping. I like Dauin as the traffic is greatly reduced from Valencia or Bacong... distance from Dumaguete really seems to favour less traffic. I am thinking the same is true on Cebu which is one of the reasons i am interested in Dalaguete.
  3. Thank you Old55, I have spent some time there, but not nearly enough... as soon as Covid restrictions end, I will be there for 2 months and hope to figure out where to focus my attention. Comments like yours help me to plan where I should spend my time. I know that i may spend a week in each community but maybe the weather is dramatically different in other times of the year and i am looking to people who have a year in a place to guide me with a broader perspective for each location. I will have a scooter for sure and eventually i will likely have a vehicle. In the interim, I will rent as needed. I love driving scooter through the Phills but perhaps less so on the national highway closer to the cities. Dumaguete and area was fine for scooter driving, as was Moalboal and area. Again thanks for any advice. Make it a great day!
  4. Thank you, I am curious what you mean by "can be a pain during the rainy season". I see it has been getting a fair bit of rain lately... is it Rain all Day. or more like Thailand where it dumps buckets for an hour than stops for a couple hours? Are you more in the mountains or near the coast... I am thinking for myself closer to the coast. I am open to different locations but quite firm on either Cebu island, most likely south of Cebu city on E or W coast or in Negros Oriental, again within a few km of the coast.
  5. Thank you Jack. It seems the weather there is wetter and cooler than most of Cebu. I am wondering what your comments are regarding weather. Rain, sunshine, wind and temperature. I have seen conflicting info on climate tracking sites. FYI, I have spend some time in Dumaguette and Dauin, and I am familiar with Valencia.... these are areas I am considering as well so comparing the weather to these places. Thanks!
  6. I am considering the area around Dalaguete. I noticed SonJack2847 used to live here and now in Dumaguete, another place I am considering (actually Dauin 20 min S of Dumaguete. I am looking for any info about this area, I understand it is 5 degrees cooler than most of Cebu island, wondering why or if it is real windy. I have been to Cebu island 3 times and trying to decide if i want to move here or Negros... and there are some interesting and enticing qualities to this area. Any comments from those with experience are appreciated. FYI looking to move to the Phills in about 16 months if this covid thing can get out of the way. Thanks,
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