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  1. Actually, I've been a foreman and superintendent on power generation stations nationwide in the US of A. National Electrical Code as written here is the guide world wide but loosely translated to suit the local needs. I've seen some mind boggling installations.
  2. Oh I've seen some adulterated stuff in the Caribbean and in Taiwan. I guess if it works, it works. Dangerous ? You betcha but it's the norm.
  3. Still living in the electrical dark ages so to speak ? I'm a life long electrician, master, licensed contractor state side and I.B.E.W. member. Ahhhh the tales I could tell. It seems to me the entire nation is but on regulatory ponzy schemes. Hope that doesn't get me.banned or black listed.
  4. I think I'll start another thread regarding this issue. Doesn't see fit to keep it going in new member.
  5. Other than an srrv and shacking up the options are few and the outlook is bleak. I received a PM about an attorney there. I hope it pans out.
  6. Me either and I could fly from Charlotte but I'd rather ride my motorcycle to Tyler Texas and leave it with friends, fly from DFW to San Fran and then across the water.
  7. Most things are these days. Thank you. I'm considering stealing the confederate submarine from Charleston, SC and sneaking into the country if I think it's sea worthy. Philippines, can't get in, can't get out. Just want to live with my honey.
  8. In looking at the Topics headers, I see the last used dates as 2020 a lot. Covid ?
  9. Interesting. I want to bring my pit/rhodesian ridgeback mix to the Philippines.
  10. Zero dollars here too. North Carolina. I have round one of the Pfizer version.
  11. Permanent resident and I explored the Retirement Visa there and that makes to most sense for me. I have a significant other there already. Marry as soon as we can if they open up travel inbound. MODERATOR"S NOTE: This thread is transplanted from the New Member's original thread.
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