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  1. Lots of good tips. I figured I would need to have about 4-5 to research and target. When the time allows. Not too rushed the way things are.
  2. I like to golf a bunch. Had to give it up the last 6 years for work.
  3. Thank you HK. That is the kind of info I am looking for. I will look into it.
  4. Considering the Pandemic. The immediate future as far as travel is concerned. In the unknown future I plan on investigating the PI for a retirement destination. I do have some general questions about, Where is if best locations to consider living and Keeping some semblance of a western living condition? I am not going to be much limited financially, But of course would like convenience as far as health care and daily living activities. I am 60 years old and single, ready to retire. While I know that Boots on the ground is the best method. That is not in the cards currently. So I hope you
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