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  1. Looks... airy! I was thinking of something a little more substantial to be honest :)
  2. Ah I see, thanks for clarifying, makes sense! Not sure what our approach will be yet, at the very early stages of planning... :)
  3. Thanks Mike, my fiancee has her family there so we would have to consider how best to do it, we had thought perhaps one of her family members or hiring a trusted (family friend) architect might work, but we need to give this more serious consideration as its a big outlay and don't want it to go wrong..
  4. Thanks for the reply, yeah I figured 100k was too low! Good old Google :) Ok thats useful to know thanks, and sounds more like a more realistic figure. We would want decent quality finishing but not looking for super luxury, just a good quality build.
  5. Thanks for the info, sounds like a similar sort of project, also looking to do it over a period of time I think... May I ask did you build it in stages for a particular reason? One thought I had was to build something to start off with so we can start using it, .like maybe the ground floor... then finish the build over a year or two. No idea if this is even feasible, or sensible!
  6. Hi All Apologies if this has been asked before! I was just looking for a ball park figure on how much it costs to build a medium sized home in the Philippines? My fiancee has a (smallish) lot in Leyte at the ocean which we are thinking to build our retirement home on, depending on costs it would be great to start sometime next year with a view to early retirement (I'm currently 43 and would love to retire asap...) Not looking to build something too huge or swanky, 3 bedrooms, 3 stories perhaps to accommodate this as its not the biggest lot. Google results were saying 100k pesos or so which seemed too good to be true... but looking at a few threads on here I saw a figure mentioned which was in excess of 1M pesos? Any ball park figures you guys could offer would be really useful, thanks!
  7. You tried to argue using logic? Whatever were you thinking? ;)
  8. My girlfriend was extremely annoyed by this result... though she did think Miss Philippines wasn't good enough for top 10. "She has good teeth but didn't smile enough". We didn't venture into the Q&A answers, I just agreed and moved on... ;)
  9. Haha thanks for the tips! Will make sure to take my kindle with me! My gf has a (very) large family so maybe one of them can be "encouraged" to do the queueing for me.... although I'm English I'm not a fan of queueing! ;)
  10. Thanks for the welcome, will be popping back in frequently, seems like a useful and friendly group! :) PS Expat community is important to me in Switzerland, but maybe because the locals aren't so easy to make friends with, they are friendly but kind of keep in their own circle of friends...
  11. Haha thanks for the insight! Spain is where I always envisaged moving, to have been on holiday there several times, like the way of life, cost of living etc and the weather :) I'm dating a Filipina at the moment and was there on holiday for a couple of weeks last year so have started considering it as an alternative and it seems like a good viable option
  12. Hi All! I'm new to the forum, just wanted to start with a friendly greeting! As I am now getting any younger (seems to be going round a bit...) I've started thinking about where to retire. I'm currently living in Zurich and although the quality of life is good its too expensive to retire here and I would prefer to go somewhere where my money will go further and the weather is nicer, and more consistent. Currently considering Spain or the Philippines. I was just wondering how you are finding it over there? Any regrets? Major pro's and con's? I'll read through the existing posts which will no doubt also give me a few hints on this :) Cheers, Michael
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