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  1. The post was Why bother yourself with internet dating? For myself, I am an introvert that finds it almost impossible to approach a woman in person. So, internet dating is about all I have to work with. Yes, there are scammers, fakes, and flakes on them, but what is hardest for me is knowing who was born a girl from looking at pics. In some cases, the gays, trans, and ladyboys look better than the "real" women. All I can do is keep trying. With the virus, I will have some time before travel resumes to hopefully find someone.
  2. graham59 that is FANTASTIC. Here in Tampa bay area Florida area, I pay for 30 megs, but usually get 40 down and about 5 up. I like yours better. I only pay $18 a month. How much for yours? How many malls and what size do you have there? Are the beaches generally sandy, water clear, and fairly healthy? In your profile you mentioned something. Just to let you know, Norman is my brother.
  3. For me a "modern" city would be one with fairly fast and reliable internet, good places to eat, good places to shop, fairly clean with few brownouts, but without heavy traffic. Nice beach is one with clear water, sandy beach, and fairly healthy to swim in. Sure, there may not be the "perfect" city, but I will find the closest match. I am retired military. Meaning that I have lived many places in the US and overseas. I can live anywhere, but at my age, prefer to live somewhere that I think is nice and enjoyable.
  4. I lived on SBMA around 2005, and traffic was regulated then. I even saw a radar gun being used there. Someone said that the Navy left it there. I wouldn't bike except in very light traffic areas. That is why I was looking at Clark. Clark is big, and there are some area with very little traffic or use to have when I was there. Motorcycling I also prefer areas with light traffic. I have another post on modern cities with nearby beaches without heavy traffic, to get input where I might live when I do return.
  5. For Heeb, I can't PM, but I wanted to comment about bicycle riding in the PI. Whenever travel resumes, I plan to return to the PI to live full time. I say return because I left in 2011 after spending over 5 years in places like SBMA, Dumaguete, and Angeles. I enjoy bike riding--both motorcycle and bicycle, but the PI is dangerous for both, but more so for bicycles IMO. I am undecided about where I will live when I return, but Angeles from everything I see on Youtube is becoming an up and coming first class city. New terminal at airport, trains that will run between Angeles and Manila and also to Subic. There is also a lot of new construction on Clark and in Angeles itself. That said, Clark might be more safer to ride a bicycle. I would like to bring mine, but not sure how hard or expensive it would be.
  6. Mactan seems nice, but like Boracay, there isn't many places to ride a motorcycle, and if you go off the island, it looks like you are going to be in heavy traffic. Is this correct? Are there places around there to ride out of heavy traffic? Thanks
  7. Thanks for all of the suggestions/comments, and to graham59 for the nice pic. Plans change, but I don't plan on buying right now, just renting. Perhaps a condo or a townhouse. I expect with more modern cities, especially if there are any nice beaches nearby, will be more expensive. Thankfully with social security and my military retirement, I have a steady monthly income which will be enough for most places. Whenever travel resumes, I plan to visit some of the most recommended to spend a few days or week checking out the area.
  8. I plan to return to the PI whenever travel resumes and looking for a modern city with nice beaches nearby to live in. By modern, I mean somewhat clean with fairly fast internet, good places to eat, and not a lot of traffic. Example: Cebu would fit this description, but traffic is very bad there. Back story, I lived in the PI for over 5 years, but left in 2011. I lived in three different cities: Dumaguete, SBMA (old Subic Navy base) outside of Olongapo, and Angeles. The beaches near Dumaguete and Subic weren't very nice in my opinion. I also visited Panglao Island and Tagbilarian City, but at that time, didn't seem like much was there. I haven't visited Boracay, but I am sure that it is beautiful, but I think that it is too small an area for me. I love to take motorcycle rides, and I would be very limited there. Some cities I was wondering about are Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Iloilo City, and San Fernando. If you have first hand knowledge of any of these, I would appreciate hearing it. If you know of others that I might be interested in, please let me know. Thanks and stay safe.
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