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  1. Great point. I am also a veteran with a good DD214. I am exploring that as a possibility also as the costs are much less. still a little fuzzy on that one cause first they say you need a DD214, then they say you must be retired military. I am the first one, but not the second. Thanks.
  2. They are back up now. Thanks. I knew they were about to reopen the SRRV again. Question is how long will they be open?? Thanks for your reply.
  3. I understand it is only in the US, My point is I could come back for care here if it was deemed medically necessary. Thanks for your reply.
  4. I am looking to start off in Mactan Newtown. I have never been to the Philippines but I spent some time in Hawaii so I am somewhat familiar to the heat, humidity and bugs!! I'm not saying Hawaii is the PH, but a little similar. I know they are putting up a lot of new modern condos in Newtown and I think at least at the start I will be living in one. I watch several Philippine bloggers and this area seems to be praised for its modern shops, restaurants, etc. This will be my base of ops to travel the rest of the country to determine where I will want to spend more time. I understand from m
  5. As a new guy here, and a retired hospital administrator in the States, I know that the health of all of us is inextricably linked. I had the Pfizer vaccine in December and January of 2021. We must support all people getting vaccines before mutations make the current crop of vaccines less and less effective. None of us is truly safe till all of us are safe!!
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