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  1. « We » you speak for every guests abd members ? Why don’t you delete this topic if it is crap then?
  2. Just want to know how justice system works there. Is there a matter with that ?
  3. Sounds like just the story above, it’s gonna bring some little paranaoia after reading stories like this ahah, but better be precautious!
  4. Anyone had experience or heard cases related to false rape charges ? Found this post of this guy on a blog regarding false rape charge. It is unbelievable to see that such weak affidavit can put you in jail. There wasn’t any updates from this guy so not sure if it was dismissed. Now, if someone fill a case against you while you are abroad, how are you supposed to know? Here is the post below : I am in fact presently a defendant in a phony rape case in the Philippines. A few months ago, I was going to be in the PI and I met a girl online. She pick
  5. Great to hear, at least no foreigners may become victim of her threats. Regarding my friend (he was only put on a watchlist at that time to prevent him from travelling outside) , BI Boracay is a small place which isn't busy like BI Manila. The people that work there had time to listen to her BS. I am 100% sure that if she'd have done that in BI Intramuros Manila, it would have never worked.
  6. That is crazy. Do you know the reason for each case ? It seems that Prosecutors do not dismiss that much.
  7. Sorry for updating an old thread but there's a lot to say. Did that wealthy Filipina pushed through by complaining to the BI or any department that could get you deported ? Because when they do, they do have results at the end. I have a friend who had a filipina gf, he found out that she had a child. Of course, he left her. What she did ? She went to the BI Boracay (staying there at that time) and complain that he had used her credit card. They put him on Watchlist (YES, you can be put on the watchlist WITHOUT having a case filled against you) . He tried to leave for Indonesia
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