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  1. I see the explanation of the Special Expanded Courtesy Visa on their website but no listing of a form to apply for this specific visa. Am I missing something? Does this have to be done at the BI office in Makati or can it be done at their embassy in Houston.
  2. I will update if I hear anything. So far nothing. I did notice the application itself is updated from the one I saw on their website a year ago when I first started thinking about going that route. I downloaded the pdf application, filled it out and printed, added my photo, signed and mailed to the Makati address listed on the form. There was no mention on the form of this having to be done in country. There also was nothing about depositing $ as a requirement although I know that is needed but I have no idea how or where that is done. I am told now it cannot be invested in Phi stock market.
  3. I mailed the completed application from USA to makati about 4 weeks ago. If I need to go to a Philippine embasy in the USA to complete the process I will do that. Just waiting to hear anything back from Makati now. BTW, can the 10K deposit required be invested in a Philippine stock?
  4. I mailed my srrv (? spelling) application from the USA to Makati about 3 weeks ago. Does anyone know if these are being processed now and when i might hear from them?
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