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  1. Thank you everyone. I'm leaning more towards Thailand now with visits to Philippines once COVID is sorted. Once we have visited the Phillipines we'll make a decision.
  2. Good info thank you. Personally I'll stick to renting for at least a few years.
  3. Thanks guys, So suggestions of places with - Beachfront or close to, or - Condo with amazing pool (swim up bar a bonus, although maybe I should just pay a bartender lmao. - Closeish to amenities - Closeish to amazing natural beauty, waterfalls etc - Closeish to great winding roads a bonus (or a racetrack?) - Some form of international school in the area Suggestions would be amazing! Some places so far, - Nearish Cebu City - Boracay?
  4. Can you give some examples of places I should look for "You can find the beach frontage just about in any province for a lot less than Cebu with similar amenities close by without the pollution and traffic - traffic is subjective depending on your norm."
  5. I'm permanently incapacitated with a pension. Not rich, especially by Australian Standards, just median income. Of course by SEA standards, it's a bit different. One of the reasons for moving.
  6. Thanks for the honest advice everyone! Boots on the ground will be a must. My wife is Australian also. Visas not really an issue I don't think, we will be happy enough to do visa runs even out of Thailand or an elite Visa etc and I guess Philippines is even easier to just extend. Ok, valid points taken re: riding. I'm thinking maybe a supermotard would be more appropriate! I've had a ZX6R in Australia for years and now have an all electric Sur-Ron dirtbike. @graham59 what would be a much better place to speed around and enjoy life? @Snowy79 Thanks for the advice. Yes it will be a challenge wherever we move to I guess. I think having a smoking hot maid would be a no-no. Thank you all again, and if you have any suggestions on the sorts of rental places I should be looking at let me know. I have money but spending 100,000 PHP on a 1 bedroom condo in Cebu city is crazy. I can afford it but it would want to be an amazing place with incredible views or right on a beach and modern for that price...
  7. Thanks for the reply. Not having spent any time in country, obviously makes looking at these things difficult, which is why I was initially looking towards Thailand. Re: Tarrifs - I've looked around and things like a ZX10R motorbike are about the same price RRP in the Philippines as far as I can see from their website as they are in Australia. Thailand for example is almost double the price. Thanks for the school info. A few more years until we have to get to that thankfully, but it's something to think about. We definitely plan on heading over and spending a few months in the different countries as soon as COVID has settled down and we've been immunized. Do you have an example of the sort of life we could live on our budget? I can't find anything on YouTube and I'm not searching for the right things on the property sites I don't think, I am just getting really overpriced apartments in the city.
  8. I'll also say that what draws me to the Phillipines - - English commonly spoken - No real Tarrifs on imports like alcohol and cars/motorbikes - The Natural Beauty And what draws me to Thailand - Have had good experiences holidaying in the past - The Food.
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm currently in Australia, a 30 something year old with an income of about $5500 USD a month after taxes, and significant cash assets. I'm travelling Australia at the moment with my wife and 3yo daughter, but have been seriously looking at other places to long term travel to in SE Asia. At first I was really focussed on Thailand because I've enjoyed my time there in the past, but their import tarrifs on most motorbikes and cars puts me off (I love fast bikes and cars) I've come across the Phillipines but I've never visited. I've been watching a LOT of Youtube videos about life there and it looks pretty great, but I have some reservations and Questions. What sort of things can I expect with a large budget like mine? I can mostly find info about budgets of $1000USD a month or so, and obviously I will be able to survive on my budget, but what sort of luxuries are we talking that I can get at my budget? Will I find a nanny/housemaid etc? Are the International schools decent? Especially in Cebu? I know in Thailand they were going to cost me something like USD $15-20k a year, which completely negates the whole lifestyle savings of SE Asia when I can school for free in Australia. Can I pretty much speed etc on remote twisty roads and just "negotiate" with police? In Australia they reduce the speed limits to 40km/h in nice area's and then sit there with cops. Can get a loss of licence for 3 months and fine of over $1200 USD for doing 80km/h in those places. Can I buy reliability/ease of life with my budget? I'm concerned that things will be difficult, when I really want easy. I basically want to sit by the beach or a pool a lot of the day and sip cocktails and enjoy nature, spend time with my family without troubles or worries and enjoy life to the fullest. I'm not trying to come across as arrogant or an a**h*le, I am just looking for honest opinions from others. Thanks
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