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    I'm a helluva guy that lived in several Asian countries for my twenties, partying, playing basketball, and raising a family. Now, in my thirties, I've bounced back to Canada where my Filipina wife and confusing number of children are following me.

    I used to have dreams; now I have drinks.

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  1. Hey Mike, Ouch, and some of us deserve that....he, he. Speaking for myself, I may be older but not necessarily wiser. Many of us have made more mistake than you have, simply because we have been on this planet earth much longer than you have my friend. Some of us will continue to make those same mistakes -- you can't teach an old billy goat new tricks. This forum is full of lessons learned, most recently coming from your predicament. I will not take any position of lecturing you or anybody else because I don't like your style of living. I've got my own closet to clear out.
  2. When I complain about my "tough" marriage, I keep in mind that I'm on my first one and a lot of you have been through a few. For what it's worth, maybe I'm just regretting my age :1 (103):
  3. The other problem I would comment on is that being young, working in the oilfield, it's a common problem to live not above your means, but at your maximum. I see it in almost all of my coworkers, because even when you have a poor month, you know that you have a few monster months coming up. It's tough to say "no," when you actually do have the money. While I'm spending all this money on the Philippines, my coworkers are spending it on every luxury rednecks in the prairies dream of. Their wives aren't much easier to deal with. I sometimes wish I had worked in a field with less pay for a ye
  4. I forgot to tell both my ex gf and my new told they DON'T want 150 - 200 sqm house* "because it's much to clean" :mocking: * (I aim at such size INSIDE, NOT of status reason, because I don't bother about such, but because I need office space at home, plus would like space inside during rain season.) The "material" thing I'm obsessed with is money, just because of the freedom it can afford me to go on vacation, hit up a lake, beach, go hiking, play basketball often, see my kids get a good education and be involved in lots of activities, buy my wife what she wants once in a while, to li
  5. Sorry to say this but it seems you are on your own in this, just what sort of wife doesn't want to bring up kids she already has. ekimswish, I don't think your Health will hold out too long, the way you are carrying on, You have, according to " I am Bob", a very good, Philippine Embassy, in Canada, contacting them about advice on the childrens passports should be a route you must take. It may seem callous and hard, but I find this leaving the kids behind, just unacceptable, it makes life for the mother very easy, She is in Canada, and from what you say, living a damn good life but i
  6. Warning Bell.jpg So you they have medical emergencies every month :unsure: this, i would definitely, question. Who's immigration stuff? whilst they are in the PI, they have no immigration to deal with, if they were in the US, you would deal with it there. I have to say, if this was me, I would be hearing the Warning bells loud and clear. :rolleyes: $1.200 a month, That's 2.4 times the average, contained in this Topic we are talking about. With that sort of money, you could run 2 families, mmm maybe you are :rolleyes: Stranger things have Happened. :tiphat:
  7. Yeah, my wife has bad breath a lot of the time, but I dare not say. She'd probably ramp it up to keep me away. She has dental issues but not with cavities. She's missing some teeth in the back but the cost for fixing them is more than I can afford at the moment.
  8. I think you have to ask if its too much 'for you'. How well do you want them to live? If I answered the question 'for me' I would say it is too much. Instead of asking them for a breakdown of how they are spending your money, I would suggest giving them an amount that you are willing to contribute and asking them for a budget of how they should spend your money It's been tough because we were in the center of Yolanda and had our house destroyed. After that we amended my wife's permanent resident application in Canada for her kids to be "accompanying," rented a place in Cebu, and
  9. Here's a "funny" question: Is sending $1200 (average) a month to the Philippines (Leyte) too much for my two step-kids and mother-in-law? I definitely think so, but they always have a break down of what they're spending money on and then it seems hard to argue. I know that I spent that much and more easily when I was there, but I'm a notoriously bad spender. Some of that average is spent on medical emergencies, immigration stuff, and school things.
  10. I wouldn't go back in time and change having my family. However, if I were single in the future I wouldn't do it again. Marrying a Filipina has come with tons of perks. I love it. There are challenges though, that I wouldn't want to mess with again. We're all obsessed with material things in life, all around the world, but in the context of culture I would say that the material things Filipinos are obsessed with aren't the same as mine. I also think that the influx of wealthy retirees that swoop in and spoil their young princess ruins it to a degree for a young buck like me who's sti
  11. It's really hard to admit a mistake or assign blame because not everything I regret I regret completely. To erase the bitterness I would also lose the sweetness. That said, I would have either not done the pig farm or I would have taken more control over the operation instead of trusting my wife to figure it out because she's a local. In the future I would assert my plan from the get go, no compromise. It's embarrassing telling people all the things that went wrong because I predicted them all. As a 28 year old I was content to watch it play out in part because I didn't respect my own money
  12. OK. Tacloban have mountains close and even within the city, so I thought they had some schools and such in high ground too. 1. Tacloban does NOT have mountains in the city. 2. Ever heard of a landslide? 3. Exposure to the wind itself probably wasn't all that appealing, either.
  13. I couldn't complain when my wife and I started dating and she had male friends on MySpace (pre-FB). But we both did some tip toeing around each other's accounts, daring each other to let us see the other's inbox. I discovered a few ex Filipino boyfriends, neither current, and found a Friendster account which told me her real age. Then she told me she had two kids, not one. Needless to say, we didn't trust each other. I was looking for an easy out, and she was worried about losing me. After being married for six years she still brings up my ex girlfriends in an angry tone, but I avoid comme
  14. Roughnecking has been going great, but we're at the end of a long winter season and everyone's ready for a month off after this hole. My family will be here in a couple days, but I'll have to finish this hole before I can see them. No basketball all winter long, so I can't wait for the month off to see if I still got it or not? My wife has typically been quick to spend "my" money but slow to spend "her" money, in the sense that it depends whose hands the cash is in. I figure I'll give her a spending allowance until she's able to work, and see if she uses it or not. She's actually doing her
  15. I got 4 more days until my wife and kids arrive in Canada and I was wondering how other people's filipina wives handled the transition? Any tips or pointers would be appreciated. As I'm pretty busy at work, they'll stay at my parents' house at first and hang out with them. My mom and dad are retired and will help them out a lot with day to day things. Also, she's been here before and met Filipinas already here as well as my friends, so she'll have some entertainment options. As for us, I'm making more money than I've ever made before but not enough to be reckless with. Think she'
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