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  1. it is - I entered in May with my spouse -- I had a 9a visa (59 days) and a 13a visa (provisional) in my passport, yet the immigration officer stamped my passport for BB as she said it was valid for longer, 1 year.
  2. yeah I notice the police seem to ignore us - just today I stopped at a checkpoint going into the city to give my explanation of where and why I'm going into the city -- just waved through with a "take care sir" without saying a word. I hear the motorcycle test is simply, turn right turn, left and stop -- no wonder no one can drive I can't find anything like that, but as you know, things can be buried away in the weirdest places.
  3. I don't mind not having it, but being able to at least drive a scooter would be helpful
  4. we have a farm, so it would be useful if we decided to buy a truck later on - commercial means just weight here
  5. haha yeah I know - just weird they won't even let me even apply for a motorcycle until after one year
  6. you're not allowed to leave the room period, and that is very strict - that's the point of quarantine Isn't the SRRV still suspended? (not sure as I'm not here on that visa) PH Consulate would be able to tell you.
  7. I got one of my licenses converted yesterday... kind of I'm a dual UK/US citizen - my UK licence is valid for every single type of vehicle on the road (motorcycle to the largest truck and bus), but my US licence is only valid for a car. At the local LTO where I got my "medical" they said I could apply for a professional license based on my UK one, which would allow me to drive any weight of vehicle (we also have a farm so that will come in handy from time to time) - only one of the LTOs in the city is able to issue conversions however and there they basically has no idea what to do with me. After much back and forth inside the office they decided that as I entered the PH on my US passport, then they could only take my US licence, which means only a car licence for me. I then have to wait one year before applying for a motorcycle licence to drive a scooter, and also take the test and course. After driving all forms of transport for more then 35 years it does make me a little pissed-off.
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