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  1. I would take a guess that 50% or more don't even hold a driving licence and the number climbs the further south you go
  2. You'll usually have to take an exam etc to get a new license as the conversion process is only valid for 90 days. Less than 90 days and they'll do a straight conversion with not tests. YMMV
  3. I did my 2nd ECC-B since things loosened up only this week in the Iloilo BI office. I'm assuming you need ECC-B not ECC-A, but as you didn't specify, each have different requirements. For ECC-B you'll need: Passport (plus BIO page copy) ACR-I (plus copy of back and front) Application Form (can be found online) Also bring just in case - proof of airline ticket (this time they said it wasn't required, only people on Tourist Visas need to provide that (ECC-A), although the time before they wanted it!) Took less than 20 minutes - the office is always quieter in the afternoon as, with everything here, people go early first thing and queue up in line forever, but as I'm unaware of your situation probably better to go in the morning. The Iloilo BI office is pretty switched on, and the guards know what's required and will direct you, as they're basically screeners before they pass the paperwork inside to the office. Of course if you need ECC-A, I have zero experience with that, so you'll have to check the requirements for that. Hopefully this is, somewhat, useful.
  4. nice tip, however I'll never fly PAL again due to various issues I've had with cancelled flights never being refunded. It would be nice to find the same for Cebu Pacific, instead of the stupid Facebook bot they use to screen your call before you get someone via Messenger.
  5. yes confusion as always, but always best to call or massage and ask specifically before you go to a BI office if it's not close, which is what I did with Iloilo.
  6. ha, would be nice if they updated the website in that case - oh, wait, right lol
  7. Yes. I got mine and they never wanted them. So your mileage may vary. Getting photos is fast and cheap anyway. also didn’t want a copy of the OR from the annual report, and never took my finger prints Maybe they’ve finally realised they all this one file already and it’s all duplication. Maybe
  8. If you have the time it’s the best way for piece of mind IMO. Paperwork all in a row before day of travel.
  9. Nowhere in the ECC-B does it state you need a return ticket - it just says you need a ticket to exit. If you're worried about having to do it on the day, go to your nearest BI office and do it in advance - it took me around 20 minutes in the Iloilo City office (I have a one-way ticket as my travel is flexible and I may come back from a different county I enter - they never questioned a one-way itinerary) Once you have that clearance that's all you need.
  10. yes it can be done at the airport, but who knows how long that line might be - I played safe and did it local when I had time - it took about 20 minutes
  11. you need an ECC-B to leave as it also serves as an "entry permit" for when you return - it's also basally a check that you have no outstanding issues etc before you leave the country. I just got mine last week and I asked about the outbound PH exit tax for PH citizens and Visa holders at the airport, and I was told that the ECC-B included that, which I'm skeptical of, but I'll find out end of March. The ECC-B cost 2880PHP and apparently the cost reduces on your 2nd exit. I had to show proof of travel (ticket), ACR-I card and Passport and that was it - no photos, no finger prints, and no OR of annual report which is mentioned all over the internet. (this was done in Iloilo BI) You might want to talk to your local BI office, because as you know, things change and things can be different at different offices.
  12. This has been all over TV News, Print News, Internet News, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and whatever else people use here since the S-Pass began. You state your GF lives here, so I would hope she would *notice* these things and let you know. Or maybe not...
  13. Every region and LGU has it's own rules, and the S-Pass has been here for at least 2 years since the start of the pandemic, so it should came as no surprise. Some regions/LGUs have trashed the use of S-Pass and others are still using it, you can find out who by using the S-Pass website.
  14. It doesn't matter if you are different airlines, what matters is that it's the same ticket (or PNR) If you split PNRs then you are obviously making life more difficult as each airline has no idea about the other ticket, and each airline (or PNR) will look at the restrictions for THEIR destination.
  15. try looking at United Airlines via Guam - Guam to Manila is a milk-run service, due to the high population of Filipinos in Guam and rarely cancels - it's close to an every-other-day service. I've used it twice routing US mainland-HNL-GUM-MNL - UAL cancels less than PAL, plus only the last flight is technically International. Cathy Pacific generally publishes daily flights, but a high % are freight only and pax booked get cancelled also.
  16. it is - I entered in May with my spouse -- I had a 9a visa (59 days) and a 13a visa (provisional) in my passport, yet the immigration officer stamped my passport for BB as she said it was valid for longer, 1 year.
  17. yeah I notice the police seem to ignore us - just today I stopped at a checkpoint going into the city to give my explanation of where and why I'm going into the city -- just waved through with a "take care sir" without saying a word. I hear the motorcycle test is simply, turn right turn, left and stop -- no wonder no one can drive I can't find anything like that, but as you know, things can be buried away in the weirdest places.
  18. I don't mind not having it, but being able to at least drive a scooter would be helpful
  19. we have a farm, so it would be useful if we decided to buy a truck later on - commercial means just weight here
  20. haha yeah I know - just weird they won't even let me even apply for a motorcycle until after one year
  21. you're not allowed to leave the room period, and that is very strict - that's the point of quarantine Isn't the SRRV still suspended? (not sure as I'm not here on that visa) PH Consulate would be able to tell you.
  22. I got one of my licenses converted yesterday... kind of I'm a dual UK/US citizen - my UK licence is valid for every single type of vehicle on the road (motorcycle to the largest truck and bus), but my US licence is only valid for a car. At the local LTO where I got my "medical" they said I could apply for a professional license based on my UK one, which would allow me to drive any weight of vehicle (we also have a farm so that will come in handy from time to time) - only one of the LTOs in the city is able to issue conversions however and there they basically has no idea what to do with me. After much back and forth inside the office they decided that as I entered the PH on my US passport, then they could only take my US licence, which means only a car licence for me. I then have to wait one year before applying for a motorcycle licence to drive a scooter, and also take the test and course. After driving all forms of transport for more then 35 years it does make me a little pissed-off.
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