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  1. As usual the Tacloban office was almost empty and processing the visa extention took 10 minutes, tops. I just don't like travelling into the city, so travelling into the city to get an agent to do it would be pointless and more expensive. I ticked the 3 business day box on the application form instead of the express lane option as I have to come back to the city next week for a hospital appointment and the express lane fee is 2,500 pesos extra for the 6 month extension. All in all, my 6 month extention cost 4,440 pesos this time. I was also charge an additional annual report fee of 300.
  2. OK so yesterday I recieved my new passport valid until 2031. The Australian consulate had a change of heart and I was able to renew my passport without travelling to Manila.
  3. For me, the less time I travel to the BI office the less chance of catching Covid, so going 1 time instead of 3 might keep me alive, well for 6 months ­čĄö
  4. Thanks Dave, so it's just typical of the Philippines. Will try for 6 months and update if I manage to get it and at what BI office I went to.
  5. Hi folks It's almost visa extension time again and I have already had two 6 month extensions. A while ago I seem to remember that this would mean I could only get 2 month extentions from now on. Is this true or did I dream this up? Any knowledgeable expats out there that can let me me know the current situation is with length of visa extension would be marvellous. Cheers
  6. Thanks for this information Jollygoodfellow, I was aware of this, but for me it would mean I would have a debt to pay back and I have no intention of going back to Australia. What I am interested in is trying to change the current policy of unfairly treating Australian citizens that don't live in Manila and are forced to travel and stay in Manila at their own risk and financial burden. Many expats here in provinces may be not as spritely as myself. During pre-covid this policy clearly disadvantages Australian citizens that live outside the Manila area, having so much hardship for a 10 minute interview is wrong. To add the this stress and health risk during the current pandemic is shameful. So before I escalate my plight within the consulate, I'm putting up my hand to ask for help and advice from the expat community.
  7. I got my SRRV back in 2011. I had to send money into a Philippine bank from overseas. Quite funny really, I sent it from Aus to China bank and everything went through smoothly... Then I got a call from China bank... The manger explained that the PRA had gradually taken more from the investments and it had reached the point were it wasn't worth the time for China bank to continue working with the PRA. So what happened, was that China Bank transfered the 20k usd to a new account I had to setup with the Commerce bank. The PRA agreed to this and everthing went well. At the end of the year I got a small amount of interest from the 20k time deposit and I used some of it to renew my yearly SRRV card. The following year, I got a letter from the bank saying that the amount of interest was going to be lower from the investment, because of the PRA and sure enough the second year it barely paid enough for the 300 USD annual card fee... Anyway, to cut a long story short, the following year the PRA kept more of the return on the investment, such that it didn't even cover the yearly renewal fee of the SRRV card. So after 3 years I took my money out of the scheme and invested it in another bank at 5% and have lived here happily as a tourist ever since. The only advantage of the SRRV for me was not having to get an exit flight ticket to enter the country. But the last time I entered the Philippines I just bought a 600 pesos disposable flight. Maybe they're going to clamp down on people staying here long term as a tourist, if so, SRRV may be an option considering.
  8. So basically, if I don't make a new application and travel to Manila before the LVP expires on Feb 1st I've lost my money and have to pay for a full passport again. I agree, it should be easier than this, it wasn't my fault I couldnt travel and still can't. Some of us aren't getting any younger. I try to understand why they need applicants to come to Manila. It can't be anything to do with identification purposes as they did that online interview. It can't be anything to do with making sure you get your passport as they're happy to send it to you by courier. The only thing I can think of for you to be physically there is if they're going to arrest you lol... If I could fly out and get back in easy enough I would just come back on my UK passport...
  9. So just a bit of a update on my Australian passport renewal. As mentioned previously, travel restrictions prevented me from going to Manila renew my passport so I was told I could get a Limited Validity Passport. This involved the full passport renewal application online, then printed off form and new photos and send to Manila. Pay the full 10yr passport fee, setup a Skype account and undertake an online interview with the consulate representative. Then I recieved a LVP passport by courier starting the 2 Feb... My old passport was due to expire mid April. Right, the update. I want to extend my Philippine visa from the beginning of October for 6 months. But, my Aus LVP would expire 1st of Feb 2020. So I contacted the consulate to find out if I could get my full passport without travelling to Manila as there is travel restrictions in place. Maybe, I could extend the LVP. Well, no and no. Basically, I have to go to Manila to claim the remaining 9yrs (for free) of my full passport as soon as travel restrictions allow. Also, I now have to reapply for a passport as though I have never had a Australian passport before, including the online application, the printing documents and travelling to the city to post. Worse, I now have to get a guarantor that is a Australian citizen and known me for 12 months or more... I don't have this, so the consulate gave me a list of proffesionals here in the Philippines that will surfice... maybe I can just get an affidavit from a lawyer... Not sure. So, if there isn't enough stress and health risk with living here in the shadow of a surging covid pandemic, there's no easy way to renew a Australian passport if you live in the provinces. Thoughts people? I particularly liked the 9yrs for free they wrote in the email, even though I paid the 300 for the full passport..
  10. Yes, that is what I I have already done. But this limited validity passport needs replacing again in a couple of weeks and travel restrictions are still in place for over 60yr old farts (me). I guess I will have to contact the Australian consulate again and see will give some feedback here to what they they say.
  11. Yes I also have a UK passport and everything you say is true as I renewed last year during the height of Covid in the UK and no problem. Unfortunately, my Philippine visa extension has to go in the Australian passport because you can't change nationality whilst I you're in the country.
  12. That's correct as I have this 12 month restricted passport and completed the standard application form and sent my soon to expire old passport to the consulate in Manila and they sent everything on to Canberra.
  13. Yes I was given the restriction 12 month passport from Manila because travel restrictions due to Covid. Although I have paid for a full 10yr passport that I have to travel to Manila to collect. Its not easy to travel to Manila from here before Covid. I can't understand why they can't simply send me a 10yr passport if they can send this 12 month passport. I was just wondering if anyone else bad come across this issue.
  14. I'm living in a small remote town in Eastern Samar. Apparently, to renew my Australian passport I'm supposed to do a short interview in the Australian consulate in Manila. This year it was possible for me to renew my passport from here in the province and involved a Skype interview with the Australian consulate official, due to travel restrictions caused by Covid. Now this is were things turn pear shape. The consulate is only giving out limited use passport that lasts 12 months. So in about 6 weeks I'm hoping to get a 6 month visa extension, but my passport will run out before the 6 months. Basically I'm stuck in the same situation of needing to renew my passport again and not being able to travel due to Covid. Just wondering if there's anybody else who has encountered this problem or if anyone has any advice before I contact the consulate again.
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