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  1. Yes, that is what I I have already done. But this limited validity passport needs replacing again in a couple of weeks and travel restrictions are still in place for over 60yr old farts (me). I guess I will have to contact the Australian consulate again and see will give some feedback here to what they they say.
  2. Yes I also have a UK passport and everything you say is true as I renewed last year during the height of Covid in the UK and no problem. Unfortunately, my Philippine visa extension has to go in the Australian passport because you can't change nationality whilst I you're in the country.
  3. That's correct as I have this 12 month restricted passport and completed the standard application form and sent my soon to expire old passport to the consulate in Manila and they sent everything on to Canberra.
  4. Yes I was given the restriction 12 month passport from Manila because travel restrictions due to Covid. Although I have paid for a full 10yr passport that I have to travel to Manila to collect. Its not easy to travel to Manila from here before Covid. I can't understand why they can't simply send me a 10yr passport if they can send this 12 month passport. I was just wondering if anyone else bad come across this issue.
  5. I'm living in a small remote town in Eastern Samar. Apparently, to renew my Australian passport I'm supposed to do a short interview in the Australian consulate in Manila. This year it was possible for me to renew my passport from here in the province and involved a Skype interview with the Australian consulate official, due to travel restrictions caused by Covid. Now this is were things turn pear shape. The consulate is only giving out limited use passport that lasts 12 months. So in about 6 weeks I'm hoping to get a 6 month visa extension, but my passport will run out before the 6 months. Ba
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