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  1. The repair shop is saying they don't trust the screens from shopee to be legit. I don't know what to think.
  2. I am having trouble finding on shopee or lazada
  3. I need to have a cracked screen replaced on my iPhone. The Istore wants to keep the phone for 3 weeks before repairing it. They won't give an appointment to come back in three weeks. They want to keep the phone for three weeks. They should lose their Apple authorization frankly. The gadgetfix store can't get in the glass from their sources. Does anyone know where to get a screen repair done?
  4. What are the details of these court cases? Did you consider suing her for liable? Or making a complaint of your own? Have you looked into the health regulations for the pool? Or rights to refuse collectively to pay dues into escrow and such?
  5. I did not complain about guards wanting to know if I live here. They know I live here. They are required to write down your unit and the time you leave and the time you enter the building. There is no good reason for that. They say it's in case of fire. Which is BS. The fireteam won't be looking through the books and the books are not accurate at any rate. I have lived in condos on two continents and this island. The policies here are completely unreasonable and vary. As long as people hand over their cash like sheep then these sorts of policies will remain.
  6. For myself, I would love it if anyone were to chime in with the places to live with the most reasonable policies. It's more complicated in my case because they must allow my medium sized dog that doesn't even bark and follows my instructions. I hear good things in general about city lights but don't know about packages for example. I know they allowed guests during the height of covid, checked temperatures, and required masks. But no silly bans. I assume the owners have been able to set the rules. Too bad it's far away from shopping Etc. Grand Residences banned guests which is ridiculous. But they will accept packages for you once you fill out a waiver. The construction quality there is terrible, however, the elevators are slow and are unreliable. For others, I think they buy units or rent without expecting these sorts of problems. I've lived in a number of full service buildings in the states, condos or apartments, and it's just expected that you can get packages. Not something I thought to ask about. If potential buyers knew these rules, no guests, no packages, pay extra for guests, and so forth they would be reluctant to buy. Or rent for that matter. Speaking for myself I was looking to buy in the new building but not now. Moreover, Solinea does not have enough amenities for when and if these buildings are all occupied in the future. The future does not look good and people don't think about those things. I do think the rules that are being followed are written down for the most part. Just not consistently enforced. One guard who doesn't seem to like me has had one of my guests leave their id and vax card with her. That is not the actual rule. The greater issue is that the rules don't serve the interests of residents. Until recently, it was not permitted to swim after 5 p.m. for example. There was no good reason for that. It just cut down on the number of staff in the pool area. Saved them a few hundred pesos per night.
  7. I don’t know how to set up a poll but I think man would benefit from some way to know the policies at condos before renting or buying. Or if we can’t gather up that information at least to know what questions to ask. The latest problems at Solinea are that they are charging for guests to use the pool and are insisting that you must be home to receive any deliveries. Now this is enforced in a very unfair manner. In my own case some guards like me more than others or are more sticklers for the rules. It is ridiculous for a condo with so many staff to have a policy of not accepting packages for residents. The whole reason to live in a condo is convenience. To come and go as you want. And older folks who may not be able to come downstairs easily. In my own case I can’t always be home and often am on work calls and can’t come down. Policies like this will continue until management sees a price for them.
  8. As I mentioned I went to the branch. They called the 800 number. The 20K is set by the bank for online purchases. They won't increase it. there are higher limits for in store ;purchases but the local stores don't have many things. There is no way to split at 75K monitor into separate COD shipment. The reason for my post is to ask what others have done. If there are banks with more reasonable limits. If local credit cards have limits like this.
  9. I am having multiple overlapping issues with BPI, Chase in the U.S., and Lazada. I have been to the local BPI branch. They just call the 800 number with you sitting there. There is no apparent way to make larger online purchases from a BPI account. Maybe a locally issued credit card will work. But that will be another hassle and time to set up. I have to bring the bank print outs of proof of income. I don't have a printer. I need to buy a printer. I can't buy the printer for the same reasons. I won't go to a local print place and email them my banking statements or W2. I have saphire at Chase so no foreign transaction fees on the bank account debit card. But Lazada system won't take the U.S. address, even though they have a place to add it, the system isn't working. It's been weeks since I reported it. They aren't fixing it. So Chase can't verify purchases online made with them. I would have the same problem on any U.S. issued credit card. Changed the billing address to the Philippines with Chase. Chase flags that. So I have to call them every time when they are open. Will try that tonight. COD not possible on larger purchases. I think it's outrageous that BPI has my funds but limits me to $200 U.S. on online purchases even though they verify through sms. Even in store purchases are limited. I want to transfer payments to my landlord each month. I am learning from this discussion that BPI may not allow that either. There are no stores in Cebu city I have found with a selection of larger monitors. Or the other equipment I need.
  10. Meanwhile Chase keeps flagging purchases no matter how often I tell them I am in the country. Anyone know U.S. banks that won't do that and don't have foreign transaction fees?
  11. Update on BPI. I transferred in money to make some purchases I need to make of some equipment. Will be a few thousand U.S. It is impossible to use BPI to make online purchases of any expenses. They limit online purchases to 20K pesos per day. They suggested that I use Lazada wallet but the system is not allowing me to transfer any money up to their stated daily limit of 50K. The app says you can change these amounts but in practice no. They have my money. I can't spend it. Unless I can make the purchases locally which is not possible. They want to keep your money to invest and they dont' want you taking it out. How does anyone manage to buy anything online here? I have U.S. based cards but that is a whole other problem that isn't the fault of BPI but of online merchants here not sending the right verification information.
  12. I have done some more research. A place called fix gadget repair was recommended for things Apple won't allow to be repaired. Haven't contacted them yet. The local authorized stores in Cebu say that can repair computers, but no components of the motherboard or chip. Not IPAD. Not the Apple Watch. For those you are screwed so far as authorized service is concerned. I know people had things shipped out by Istore as mentioned previously in posts on forums, but I am being told by the local authorized repair centers that Apple is not allowing it. Back to computers, if something small goes wrong connected to the motherboard the whole motherboard will have to be replaced. If Apple considers the computer obsolete then the authorized centers won't help there either. I am still in fear, however, because if a authorized store doesn't want to do the repair or facilitate sending it out to be repaired, Apple will not help facilitate anything. The stores can refuse to do or facilitate repairs if they want to for no particular reason. You will be forced to call stores until you find one that will accept mail in or otherwise fly to an authorized resale, either in Manilla, or in Singapore. It would be great if anyone knows of competent local repair even if not authorized. The warranty is only good for one year at any rate. As an aside, I was specifically told by Apple representatives in the states that Apple care would apply out of country. It does not apply in the Philippines.
  13. I am on the hold with apple support (not U.S.) and I am being told that if an apple product needs to be repaired it is up to the local authorized repair shop whether they will do repairs or even facilitating shipping too where the repairs can be done. The istore wants to do whole unit replacement instead which means they would rather sell me a new unit instead of facilitating a simple repair. The existence of an international warranty makes no difference. I would have to physically go to a store that will do the repair, whether in Manilla or Singapore. Does anyone know of local repair shops or have other advice.
  14. Thanks for the tip on Atlas. Customs is not responsible for these thefts. And LBC would still be responsible for any subcontractors or anything in transit. The boxes that had been taken from were re-sealed with their red security tape. There is supposed to be a record made (according to them) whenever that tape is use. No such record was made or at least not provided to me. Photos wouldn't make any difference. They won't prove you didn't lie on the invoice. There is no way to establish the contents with them. Even if you videotaped everything from they wouldn't look at the evidence. Now this has happened I've looked at websites where people can review LBC. It's worse than one would imagine and widespread. Hard to add to a zero point reputation. This is the only way I could ship at the time. Fortunately the more valuable items were at the bottom and got here like my suits and some other things. They dumped out personal items of sentimental value.
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