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  1. There are condos that are starting to allow dogs. Some like the one being built by the mall only allows small dogs. I'm still researching this. There certainly aren't many but I think the developers are starting to catch onto the fact that there is a market for dog lovers. Solinea allows all dogs.
  2. https://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/417812/inbound-overseas-arrivals-limited-to-cebu-residents-for-the-meantime CEBU CITY, Philippines – Starting this December 23, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) will only accept travelers from abroad who are residents of Cebu. This after Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia on December 20 issued Executive Order (EO) No. 49, limiting the entry of international arrivals to Cebu residents. Garcia, in a press conference, said the move, which she called a “Cebuanos First” policy, was made in order to address the scarcity of hotel rooms in the island province. “We will accept only Cebuano residents or those with Cebuano families to come home to until our hotel room situation shall have improved” said Garcia. Arriving passengers will have to present their valid identification card (ID) and fill up a declaration form in which they will indicate their destination here in Cebu. The provincial government will also implement its swab-upon-arrival rule wherein those who will test negative of the infection will be released, and will undergo another round of swab test on the 5th day. Hundreds of individuals in Cebu now occupy hotel rooms for shelter and electricity following the destruction left by Typhoon Odette (international name: Rai). “This is a crisis situation. And as I said, Cebuanos also need these hotel rooms, so I am declaring a policy of Cebu first. We must first take care of our own,” Garcia pointed out. “If the hotel can no longer keep up with the hygiene and sanitation requirements, because of limitation of resources an manpower and limitation of electricity, fuel, then we might have outbreak in our hands and that will only compound to the severity of our situation right now,” she added. The Capitol’s new order, however, is only temporary and will only last until January 3, 2022. “Meaning in the meantime, for ten days from December 23 until January 3rd (non-Cebu residents will not be accommodated in MCIA) because of this present situation right here, we are not normal,” she explained. MCIA has reopened last December 19 for domestic flights and is expected to do so for international flights today, Tuesday (December 21). The governor already met with representatives from concerned national government agencies and hoteliers from the Hotel Resort Restaurant Association of Cebu (HRRAC) to discuss concerns over the influx of Returning Overseas Filipinos (ROFs) and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) amid the crisis caused by Odette. The entire Cebu is under state of calamity due to the devastation caused by Odette. Read more: https://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/417812/inbound-overseas-arrivals-limited-to-cebu-residents-for-the-meantime#ixzz7GR2rJ2qa
  3. The realtor says the issue isn't dogs but medium and large sized dogs. But I think I'll search places as suggested and send some emails on my own. I have heard that people walk their dogs in the malls. Not many but a few at any time. It is a cultural thing. But the idea of "responsible" dog ownership is spreading.
  4. Her name is Sakura as in Cherry Blossom. Technically she's Cherry Blossom Princess. Should I speak with a different realtor? The realtor has been unwilling to ask for exceptions. She says these rules are enforced in every condo building. But if anyone tells me about condos where they have seen larger dogs then that would be a big help. I am thinking in or near IT park or Mactan Newtown. I want to be in reasonably safe area for walking the dog even at night, have the fastest and most stable internet, power backup - unless this isn't really necessary, security would be nice, and newer western style building quality. A hot tub and pool would also be great.
  5. Hi All, I have begun working with a realtor looking for a condo or house to rent. I am being told that there are no condos that allow medium sized dogs. Does anyone know of any condos that make exceptions in this regard? My dog doesn't bark and doesn't do any damage. I keep her under control and she is friendly. There are a number of reasons I might prefer a condo including internet, power backup, amenities, security. And also in the future for buying. Thanks very much, Ken
  6. T-Mobile and Google fi are cutting people off who are out of the country long-term. The advantage of google fi would be you could keep your number, receive the verification messages, and call and receive calls from the states over Wi-Fi for free, but they aren’t allowing long term. The sim and extra phone solution is fine but who provides a gsm prepaid that won’t eventually cut you off for being out of the U.S. I would appreciate if anyone knows. I will look into parkmyphone. Can anyone confirm that you can get every type of 2fa verification message with that service? As I mentioned, there are probably companies that I never use and when I need to suddenly I’ll need the 2fa. I am currently locked out of a bank account in the UK and have to go there to fix the problem. Fortunately there wasn’t a lot of money in it. But I can never have that situation again. And work verification is critical. Thanks, Ken
  7. I have further researched the t-mobile and google fi cut people off who ar out of the country for long periods of time: https://globalisationguide.org/review/google-fi/ Back to the drawing board. Unless the google voice solution will always work for verification does anyone know of a U.S. provider who won’t cut off service to those out of the country? If I get over and then can’t verify I’ll have a major problem. https://www.bogleheads.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=328878
  8. I”m an apple user, but this looks like a good option on a cheap phone for communicating with the States in all manner https://smartphones.gadgethacks.com/news/traveling-abroad-here-are-6-reasons-google-fi-is-best-option-0195002/
  9. Thanks for the information. I’ll try to find a cheap plan or pay as you go solution in the U.S. and port my number there. Put that sim back in when necessary. Which is pretty often with the security at my work. What do I need to know about cheap phones that will work as my 2 factor phone?
  10. So the two factor authentication will work with a Philippines phone number? But there may be issues of delay given internet. But there is still the issue of two factor that I forget I’ll ever need again. Is there any way to have the U.S number continue to work while in the Philippines for this purpose? Even if i have to put the sim back in sometimes. But without paying in the states. Maybe a pay as you go sim from the states? For some of the other issue mentioned maybe VPN would help. I still don’t know how to make that work for TV and other things.
  11. I am required to respond to two-factor text- messages on a regular basis by work. There are also companies and providers you forget you’ll ever need again who then require this when your phone number changes. So even if I give work the new foreign number I don’t know if this will work and I don’t know what authentication I may need in the future from providers I don’t use often. I am currently locked out of a business Amazon’ account I almost never use and I have a bank account in the UK that I willl never be able to access without traveling there, so I’ve learned to fear two-factor authentication. And yet I will soon be in the Philippines. I know it’ s possible to port my current number to google voice and there may be some similar solutions suggested but will there be any difficulties with two-factor authentication? I need to know for a fact this is not a problem. Alternatively I don’t know what one can do. I would be grateful for advice from the experienced.
  12. My dog is already a city dog. Where I live is very dog friendly. They get used to the commotion and she loves meeting people. Do need to find a bit of grass for her to go however. Are there condos/rental homes or areas that are more likely to allow dogs, be near some area to walk, and while we are at it have the best internet and stable electricity (generators/delays). I know IT Park may be an option. Would like to be near the water but internet is critical for work.
  13. Found a report on some related issues. Sadly it seems the stray dogs are a rabies risk in the area.
  14. Still trying to research the (current) rules for Philippines. Generally speaking, you can fly a dog as luggage to most countries (though not the UK) if you are on the flight but otherwise it becomes much more expensive to ship the dog as cargo. Also scares me more under the circumstances. Good idea otherwise.
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