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  1. @Old55 I just want to know about this.
  2. posting again and in this black friday i'll buy a FX Skylar, someone know how much time it could take to arrive here? I never bought one. Se tiver um BR aqui pra responder, eu agradeço. Or if there is an american that knows, I appreciate it.
  3. We needed to send NVC a corrected DS-230 for my wife as her address history only went back to when she was 17. We used LBC as she was going to be busy with SLMEC Monday and DHL is closed on the weekends (in Tarlac). Just so you understand how LBC Express sips to the US: They accept your package locally in the Ph and transport it to Manila. In Manila they re-ship you package via UPS. The only tracking number you will ever get form them is the LBC number, they aren't even intelligent enough to keep internal records that allow the employees to look-up the UPS tracking number for a package. To get your UPS Tracking info you will have to call UPS (800) 782-7892 and speak to an agent. Give them the LBC Tracking number and tell them it's the "Reference Number" for the shipment. All of this I don't have a problem with. Here's the problem I have with LBC Express: They believe they can (and should) change the Shipping Address as the person shipping obviously isn't smart enough to know where they actually want the package to arrive. In our case, the NVC Barcoded Cover Sheet was quite specific that we shoudl ship the updated documents to: National VISA Center Attn. DR 31 Rochester Ave Suite 100 Portsmouth, NH 03801-2909 Where did LBS decide to ship it: National VISA Center 32 Rochester Ave Portsmouth, NH 03801-2901 The receipt my wife has lists the correct destination but the UPS shipment doesn't. I would hope that because of the Barcoded Cover Sheet the documents will get to the right place but still this is a company that I will never deal with again.
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