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  1. I'd like to visit the Philippines one day. Full disclosure: my significant other is from the Philippines.
  2. Yes, with Speed Cameras. When a speed camera system detects a passing vehicle, it takes a picture. These pictures capture the following information about the offending vehicle: · Color, make, model, and license plate · Date and time of the offense · Direction of travel · Speed of the vehicle VS posted speed limit · Lane vehicle is traveling in · Camera Locations · Other specified parameters
  3. I just watched the news and learned that being fully vaccinated may be a deterrent against catching the Delta variant, but there are new variants that can break through any protection being given by our current vaccines. My wife always wants me to wear a mask again against my will, but with the latest news, I now have to comply.
  4. No punishments for me, since my wife is always thrilled to see that my equipment is still working.
  5. My Filipino doctor is very thorough and he recently sent me off for several medical exams. I've got to say that those nurses from the Philippines are so strikingly beautiful and sexy that I get a certain hardness, which I won't describe in more detail. Question: How do you guys handle seeing so many beautiful women?
  6. From what I know, it won't be the very same vaccine, since it will be enhanced to address the Delta and other variants. The vaccines that were already (and still being) given have a much longer efficacy than 8 months; it's just that they become less effective over time.
  7. Thanks for the warm welcomes to this forum. Whenever I watch the TV news from the States about someone who is just about to die form Covid-19, they always say the same thing; I made a terrible mistake by not getting vaccinated.
  8. Things were going relatively smooth over here (in Israel) until the Delta variant appeared. I think that Covid-19 will never leave the planet until most of the eligible populace agrees to get continuously vaccinated, which could be a never ending process, since there's a never ending birth of new variants of the disease.
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