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  1. I am in a small town, not big city. Live in normal block. I bought 5 small lots and made one big lot. I built a 10 foot wall around lot, 5ft blocks, 5ft grill work, then razor wire on top. thick metal frame tinted glass windows, no bars. Solid wood doors. The house is raised with 3ft foundation so all my neighbors can see me and I see them. I make it a point to interact either them and they keep us on top of who belongs here. We have dogs that roam around as burglar alarms. The locals all advise never leave your house alone very long. So between our relatives, the maid, caretaker and driver we have a lot of activity at different hours. I feel safe walking around to the store but usually take someone with me since I am still new to the town. I have not seen any expats from any country in my area. I go to church and i am in the Knights of Columbus. These activities have really helped spread the word about me in a positive way. Of course my wife grew up here and knows a lot of people too. we are not flashy but having items from USA does make you stand out. We have had some crime in city but it was minor drug stuff or drunk kids staying each other over a girl. But the police know everyone and if anything happens they know who did it.
  2. I stayed in the Seda residence hotel in Makati. It was a nice 1 bedroom suite, full kitchen and washer/dryer. The 3 meals a day were really amazing. Some really well done regional specialities. You get two options for each meal. I agree if locked in a room make it a nice one. I am thinking it was around 8k or so a night, with meals. They let you use grab to order any items they don't offer. So you need Gcash typically to pay for grab stuff easily. I might go back there someday to use the pool I got to look at every day from window. It is high up so view was very nice. The bathroom had huge tub and nice shower with full length window for view.
  3. I have sent 80K bank to bank wire for $45. I sent from my account in USA to my account in Philippines. My wife went in to bank and chatted up the manager so they knew what was going on and we also got expedited treatment when we came in to get the money in cash. The bank actually drove out to check we were building a house I assume because the US laundrying and terrorism laws. I was able to get my name on the account after the proper interview by the manager. I send large amounts a few times a year and live off it for months until the next top off. I do the transactions online with my US bank website. Make sure you have MFA for your banking online, that is a whole other topic. One piece of advice is me sure you file your FBAR in the US which I now think is due at the same time as taxes now. But the bottom line is you should be able to move large amounts of your own cash around as long as you declare interest and file FBAR.
  4. I just moved my two dogs from California to Manticao in July 2021 and I used the PetRelocation service too. They did a wonderful job. They stepped me through preparing the dogs and crates to hoping select properly approved vet near me. Even the right vet needs to have a reciew of paperwork before it is submitted for approval. I didn't have to worry about any of it. I was mostly impressed by the care during the trip. They picked them up at my house and before the long cargo wait walked them in San Francisco. I got pictures of the walk and check in location emailed to me. Once in Manila they took them to a facility right away and took them out of the crates which were dirty after 20 hours. They cleaned them up and sent more pictures. The connecting flight was delayed a day because only certain planes can accept live cargo. My dogs were kept in air conditioned facility until the flight in the morning. Got more pictures of status. My wife was contacted by local Philippine agent and directed how to receive them in CDO. The best thing was that when the new local travel permit was found out they sent me a screen shot guide on how to fill it out and get it approved for local transport. I know I could not have been able to have as much access to the cargo locations as their agents did to care for my dogs. My dogs are now happy as my burglar alarms here in Philippines. I split this into a new topic as the other one was old and had some unhelpful info.
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