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  1. Does any one know if there are any Tax advantages to 13a Vs SRRV? He does plan to work by hosting an Air BNB type rental etc.
  2. LOL. good question. He has been here 4 times as well. Once without me. Do either of us know what we are getting into? Shit no.
  3. Hi all. I am a returning Filipina. I have a dual Citizenship with Philippines / America. Been living in the States for 30 years now. My American husband and I will be retiring in the Philippines next year and wanted to get advice which Visa he should apply for. 13A seems to be the best option for him but I wanted to get your advise. Don't really want to make border runs every year. lol. We both plan on staying in the Philippines forever. Also can we start his visa process now while we are in the states or does he get in on a tourist visa and convert once we move? Thanks
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