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  1. 3 hours ago, graham59 said:

    I receive my UK gov. pension here, no problem (since 2018). They know I'm a permanent resident here. 

    They are very pleasant and helpful on their freephone number.  Your NI number is the most important bit of info they need...plus of course, your bank details.  I actually have mine paid into an online bank, then remit it to myself, here in the Phils. Very simple.   :thumbsup:

    Don't mind me asking, but how do they know you're a permanent resident there? Did they ask for anything more than an address?

  2. 3 hours ago, Jack Peterson said:

     Time moves on "F" it may well be now that you could need proof of address This can be obtained by a Barangay Clearance or a Police  Clearance, Can we take it that you have not made the move to The Philippines yet?


  3. 1 hour ago, Jack Peterson said:

     The UK has a reciprocal Social Insurance agreement with Philippines ( and has for the last 40+ years) all you need to do is write to them giving your address here and should you want to be paid into a Local Bank give the account details to them. We get the yearly increases here because of the agreement But ( and there is always a but eh?) that is the only benefit we can get, although having said that, If you are married there is a death benefit Via the UK Embassy that your wife can apply for. The exact figure I am not sure about but it used to be around 3.000 pound for burial and then Further help for a period of up to 2.5 years? Depending on which system of the DWP you are on she may be able to claim some of your pension,  The New system does not Cater for this unfortunately, The new system is Pensions after 2016

     Hope this Helps

    Thank you! It was the bit about providing an address that interested me. If that is all that is required, that is very helpful. Thanks again.

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