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  1. I see the logic in it from their viewpoint - a year gives enough time for you to have refurbished the house and made it nicer for them (suggest you ask what colour scheme they prefer before you start). Hmmm .... given me an idea. I hate painting.
  2. I recently emailed a major Realtor in Cebu City asking about property and to date have received no reply - seems they don't want to sell anything! I wonder if the sellers who entrust them with their properties know?
  3. Can they be 30 to 40 million in another 10 years (assuming reasonable inflation and not the blast-off we might experience soon)? Or will they come down to sensible levels again - especially bearing in mind that not so many expats might want to live in a country where they failed to control the pandemic, have too few vaccinations (and/or inadequate logistics) and locked up seniors for 2 years (and more to come)?
  4. Thanks for the Welcome! A lot of my postings are tongue-in-cheek and I fully understand that if you 'don't like the heat then get out of the kitchen'. But I see nothing wrong with questioning the fact they don't learn from the rest of the world (with so many OFWs, they should know the world exists outside but many don't) and that some of their processes are hilarious (remember the plastic separating a motorbike driver and his (ten) passengers!). The higher echelons do want progress as that means more money in the economy and so better income from corruption. So if they want progress they need to look around and MODEL from everyone else. Don't wait to invent the wheel - just have a look at one someone else already made.
  5. LawnMower

    Gift Tax?

    Do you visit the country and could collect the money yourself from WU or the like and then give it to your sisters in cash? Btw, if you do make such gifts and tax is payable (with you being the one has to pay it under Philippine tax law) then how do they get the tax from you in another country? Tax authorities have enough problems collecting taxes in their own countries so how do they get 2000 pesos from someone living maybe 6000 mile away? And on the subject of taxes (from the BIR website): "Capital Gains Tax is a tax imposed on the gains presumed to have been realized by the seller from the sale, exchange, or other disposition of capital assets located in the Philippines .... ". Well, it's not the way you do it in the Philippines Mr Taxman - a gain is the difference between purchase price and selling price and is not a tax on the whole selling price. Gee-whizz .... they don't even get that???
  6. I seem to have the mistaken belief that the country does not wish to change. So when they introduced TRAIN to tax luxury or harmful goods (sometimes the same thing) and spend that money on infrastructure to improve the economy by providing jobs and enhancing economic activity, I thought that was about progress. Anyone who has been here a few years has seen progress, so clearly they desire it. The leap from NOT knowing how to do business and learning a few tricks is not "a giant leap for mankind" but essential to real progress. But then we come to education! Still stuck in 1200 (I mean B.C.)
  7. I only lived there for 15 years so I suppose I know nothing about the country. It is never about how things work but how they could work - it is called progress. Poverty comes from doing the bad things the same way forever. And, btw, I have never been to Kansas.
  8. LawnMower

    Gift Tax?

    Yes I do. I don't like modern life and so enjoy being in the 1850s. I also hate bureaucracy and so this place suits me very well. And I call a spade a spade unless it is called a shovel as I never know the difference. Thank you for moderating my comments and may there be many more to come. :)
  9. LawnMower

    Gift Tax?

    Here they have a different language: Foreigner = wealthy; Loan = gift; Repayment = never; Devious = devious.
  10. They should learn to understand the concept of the customer (as in the famous quote "Try doing business without any customers") and understand that if they talk to you they might have a buyer in the future - it is not all about the present. It is about building a relationship and working to fulfill the customer's needs - they have no idea if I will buy nothing or buy 100m of property from them. Anyway, in a time of reduced activity in the property market, what are they doing now? Sitting on their ars*s, thinking how to grow their business or cogitating on the fact they still live in the 1850s and have no idea about anything?
  11. Estate Agents here seem very lazy and it is very difficult to get them to bother to discuss anything. They want you to view and buy - that is all they seem interested in. Owning a piece of family land here is better than winning a lottery but many don't want to cash in that winning ticket and prefer to sit on it - one day it will expire (fall in value) but in the long-term (to quote Yazz) 'The only Way is Up'. And to quote Bob Dylan: 'Pity the poor Immigrant'.
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