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  1. $4.60 per US Gallon today. I really don't mind since I don't drive all that much nowadays.
  2. GeoffH, you're a very lucky man! You have an awesome asawa and a new awesome motor... Enjoy the ride!
  3. That's great advice! It's a good thing that I'm very shy... that keeps me out of lots of troubles (like the situation in the video).
  4. I'm really happy for you, and truthfully I would have stayed (in the Philippines) if it wasn't for my personal need to have much better medical services back in my homeland, since my health was declining as I was getting older.
  5. Thank you both for the great reminders of: Why I ever left my expat life in the Philippines, and Why I'll stay back home in the States if and when my wife ever goes home for a visit.
  6. Thanks for your reply... sounds almost like the situation that I would be in if I went along with my wife, but that will be a very long time from now, since my wife wants to see Britain first. LOL
  7. If you need a wife, Filipinas are the best Just curious... why did you stay home alone? Was it her choice or yours?
  8. The Avengers! I 'm not really sure if it was "Rare British TV" but I had a HUGE crush on Mrs. Peel (Diana Rigg).
  9. Decades ago, I spent several days in London and surrounding places, including Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Bath, but I’d like to see much more than that with my wife… any suggestions?
  10. I know that you are joking, but I really think that we are seeing the beginning of the end for Putin and his legion of Oligarchs, instead of the start of WWIII.
  11. Since my wife is almost a naturalized US citizen, she's really looking forward to getting her 'Golden Passport.' Whenever we speak about travel outside the USA, Britain is on the top of her list. Her English has improved so much that she can even understand very thick Highland accents on British-themed TV shows, which is quite a feat, since I often rely on closed-captions to fully understand non-standard British accents. Maybe she's in love with the history of Britain, or maybe it's because she's discovered 100's of Beatle tunes that she's never heard before back in the Philippines. But for what it's worth, I'm really looking forward to our travels in the UK with her.
  12. I noticed that one of the requirements is travel insurance for treatment of Covid 19. Who are you buying that from?... and how much does it cost?
  13. I best not tell the wife about any of this, since she just might fancy a quick trip back home to the Philippines, and leave me here alone in the States to mind the kids on my own.
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