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  1. Many times on my 90 mins morning walk along SRP the thought has crossed my mind. Speeding vehicles, many unroadworthy could hit you anytime. Not to mention the folks on scooters on the footpath careering up behind you and honking to pass. Geez...there's a road there...back off!
  2. Roy, I respect your opinion, true I sometimes don't agree but understand your experiences are honest and hard earned they ad value to the forum. . Thanks again Young55...hehe
  3. Yes, think we should be aware. Makes one alert to potential danger.....no good living blindly in a 'fool's paradise'
  4. I dont think there is a choice,normally Visa or Master card will convert it to Peso since you are in the Philippines.Your card is from Australia and that's what matters so US dollars will not come into it,in my opinion. Tom, was at PAL in SM....they quoted US $1200...and asked if I'd like the card charged US$ or pesos.
  5. Yes, that is true, but then 'fathers' are made accountable by the governments of western countries to provide. Usually named CSA...child support agency....here, the low life dead beats can disappear and run from responsibilty
  6. A quick update.....have been on trail of this.When the family of low life larva of fly ('maggot ' did upset some folk) heard the news there was a rapid evacuation of where they lived. All disappeared into night.....Lleyte I believe the destination.However, the girl was due to give birth mid October but now has problems with 'blood count'...too low...and, seriously here, either or both of their lives could be at risk at birth.It has been recommended (stressed) she go to give birth at a 'specialist' hospital in city as opposed to the normal routine.Now, the cost could range between 50,000 to 20
  7. If using a credit card here (australian), would you have it charged in US$ or pesos bearing in mind the exchange rate and banks currency conversion fee.
  8. MFF has a money sending facility....can be delivered direct or into bank here... fairly good exchange rate and fee $8
  9. Whatever the figure, it's tourists keeping the economy alive. And, who cares what another guy is here for?
  10. Thanks Ed,pitiful to see and hear the 'wish you were dead' actions and comments from the 'offender' and his wife......sad when a 'man' can ignore his mother.
  11. Never give up in what you believe.....previously I have posted about my partners brother..an OFW, who wouldn't support his mother ..(a truly praiseworthy pinoy), because it was my 'responsibilty being a foreigner'. Well, a summons to the local barangay extinguished that BS and he has been ordered to pay a monthly amount...my 'responsibilty' extinguished and deemed 'untrue'.Stick to your principles....don't let the irresponsible and unscrupulous take advantage of you with their 'assummation' of your wealth.
  12. Got me beat how guys here don't seem man enough to front up without a weapon whether fire arm or blade, etc.
  13. Good on you Inspector....fabulous posts.Personally, I love it here....just a matter of ignoring the negatives which, initially, are a culture shock.....I'm learning.However, one must have the right to voice an opinion, positive or negative. Not be ridiculously construed 'racist' if the post viewed 'negative' by the sensitive, righteous defenders of this country who left to live a western lifestyle.. otherwise we could be renaming this forum...The Pinoy Protection Platform....(joke only Tom, u know my SOH) Each to their own....that's life!
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