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  1. My embassy wont help me because I dont have an Australian bank account as I have not lived there for over 20 years.
  2. it doesnt help that all my money has been spent on surviving the last 2 years
  3. Immigration wont help they just want money i refuse to pay for the covid pandemic which is not my fault
  4. Ok here is the deal, I was set to travel back to Thailand to work 2 weeks before Corona caused all the lockdowns etc. Unfortunately didnt get to book anything. So here i am 2 years later trapped in the Philippines married to a Filippina but not living together as i needed money and work and where i was living in Visayas there was none. So here I am in Baguio working for minimum wage to have a roof over my head and money for food. I am now 2 years overstay as I could not travel out of Visayas till i had vaccines and because of constant lockdown. Now immigration want to fine me ridiculous amounts of money for overstay. Anyone had a similar problems and are there any solutions? I need help here I,m slowly drowning.
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