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  1. TY...I just ask the question not been sure if it was appropriate on the site.... I got my answer and I TY for not banning my quetion as it seeem you are the on who approved it!! TY!!!! I was ready to go to the BI office by my self .....then went to the Rizal Park and find out that taxis dont always want to go to the destination I ask for it..... not all understand English and got a little concern..... some one even told me that can be renewed at the airport??? just trying to figure first days here!!! TY!!! again!!!...
  2. TY!! is just that I'm here just for 3 weeks and have no idea.... going in person can be challenging!! I have find out that taxis not always want to bring you where you want to go!!! going to a BI office is not a biggie but returning home or finding no one that understand you is a different matter...I was stranded for close to an hour the other Day in Rizal Park at 11 pm as no taxi want to come to the area I live in Manila!!!! im sure as time go by I will get more confident on my traveling skills!!!!!
  3. Hi Im new here just start trying to figure the site...one of you mention a travel agent that take care the visa tourist extension in Manila .....can you please send me the agent name?? Sorry if im out of place for the question promise to learn!!! TY!! in advance!!!!
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