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  1. been taking her away for a few days every 2 at the brgy
  2. been there and dont mind. the simple food is great
  3. Heading back to the Brgy to see what everyday life is like for a few days then its off to Pampanga to finish off this exploratory trip on a high note just to clear my mind about whatever the little guy is thinking right now. You guys have any clues or ideas to see if this trip is ' I dont know how to word it" I thought maybe if I just be there not trying to impress and modestly help out and throw in a few "no" what should I look for in reading the room or the girl. I like her and want to believe but watched too many train wrecks.
  4. I have noticed way out in the countryside or up in the mountains its a whole different way of doing and learned that word MARITES
  5. well I've paid for very expensive ladies of the night so a small tax doesn't seam so bad
  6. i did that. she said thats fine but we'll see
  7. this guy started with I am chief inspector of %%$$%. gonna ask you some questions whats your full name? oh I see you flew in on flight %&*. this is your passport number correct. She is my little sister and I love here very much and I want you to know who I am. My dad says your 33. HE WAS TESTING ME!!!! Nice guy jumped on 5 different vans and 10hrs to shake his hand. it was extreme vetting
  8. call me Moby but not not with a big dick,
  9. well thanks to you guys and this FORUM i am wiser.
  10. can you lay down that your not the savior but I was helping fill out some city forms for qualifications in the future of coconut farming and the dad is making 5000p a month. WTFits hard not to want to help out. especially when they turn up the music so they don't hear me and their little girl. I only spent a night but a week later here I am drinking tuba again at the barangay
  11. thats the jist of it yeah. lay it on the line and say I am not into taking care of your famy.
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