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  1. Maybe you just got into a weirdo pharmacy as have never had that issue . Biggest issue is finding someone that knows what asprin is around here . Did have a weird experience some years ago when attempting to fill a script issued by a neurologist for a minor tremor condition . Pharmacy would not fill without me showing my passport . Seems they deemed as a narcotic when in fact it was a muscle relaxant . :-)
  2. Thanks for the input folks . Person in question was advised in regards to potential issues .
  3. The question below was posed on a local expat forum with no response to date . I am not aware of any special precautions that might need to be taken since the minor is not of Philippine nationality but wondering what others thoughts might be . " I'm a French citizen planing to visit the Philippines with my niece who is 11 years old. Apart from the document authorizing her to leave France what kind of paper do I need to enter the Philippines and travel by planes within the Philippines ? Any idea which government service I should contact ? "
  4. Arm chair economist quarterbacks have been predicting 38 - 39 for at least two years . Seriously doubt that anyone has a handle on the US dollar relative to the peso for any extended period of time . Only thing anyone seems to agree on is that the US financial system will crash and burn someday . But , it took a long time for Rome to crash and burn . Besides , i figure if the US tanks the rest of the world will too . As Alfred E Neuman said.. Be Happy !
  5. Not picking on you my friend as obviously wages in the Philippines are related to where the wage is paid . Where else can someone talking on a telephone ( call center ) make more than a nurse ? On a recent trip to Panglao i learned at least some of the beach staff were making 320 a day for an 8 hr shift and they basically just served beer and made change . SO , the chef was probably making more than 400 . :-)
  6. Think you are on the money my friend . Does anyone that has lived in the Philippines for a number of years actually believe inflation is less than 3 % or unemployment 7.1 % ? I rarely shop but even i know better than that . :-)
  7. Not replying to any specific post but just returned from a short visit to Alona Beach , Panglao and was wondering if anyone on board lives in that area or Tagbilaran for that matter . Ran into a few expats while there that did live in the area but no expat groupies on line . :-) Just trying to acquire some additional info about the area . On another note for anyone visiting Panglao can recommend a rural setting about 150 meters above Alona Beach . We rented a house as we had 6 for 2,400 a night . Owned by a Swiss gent it was quiet , informal , and laid back . My cup of tea at my age as i like natural settings . Swiss deli 2 doors down didn't hurt either . :-)
  8. Donating to Philippine charities from abroad is a bit of mine field at times as recent first hand experience has proven . That holds especially true when shipping in goods versus sending money . ELCI charities of Cagayan de Oro , of which my wife Daisy chairs , recently received a phone call from Manila customs . Seems a charitable organization in Belgium which had donated previously to ELCI had sent 6 pallets of goods consigned to ELCI . Exactly what the mix of the goods is i am not sure but at least some of it is in the form of clothing . Therein the problems start because the Philippines considers clothing ( even used apparently ) to fall under the " textile " importation clause/s . Bottom line is Manila customs says they will forward to CDO as soon as the $ 983 customs duties are paid by ELCI . :-) ELCI doesn't have $983 and if it did i suspect such funds would already be earmarked for local projects . Don't know the shipping costs from Belgium but i suspect not cheap . Which makes me ask this question . How does all of the used clothing that you can buy in any Philippine street stall for next to nothing and which comes from abroad make it here if it goes through customs inspection .? Or , maybe it doesn't go through customs inspection ? :-) Just Wondering...
  9. Have never had an issue with US $100 bills or any other denomination for that matter here but these days the only US $ i get comes from Philippine bank . Those , of course are always new . Did have one refused couple of weeks ago though by a street exchange because it had a small tear at the bottom left corner . Simply took it back to the bank and they exchanged . On another note my wife told me Filipinos sometimes have trouble exchanging pesos for dollars at Philippine banks and have even been asked "why" they want dollars , etc. As a result i am sometimes asked to exchange my dollars for pesos . Curious to know if that's just a local issue or maybe even a specific bank issue ..
  10. 10.10 is pretty old stuff for Ubuntu . I am using 12.04 at present but do prefer the older classic desktop interface used in the earlier versions of Ubuntu . Just my opinion but i have found upgrading through several versions to be a bit of a hassle . You may want to download and burn as an ISO and install newer version if you can back up your current files , etc. You can also order on-line free from Unbuntu but takes up to a month to receive here in the Philippines . Or , i or perhaps someone else can just burn you an ISO copy and send to Cebu or wherever . Linux guys are usually pretty helpful. :-)
  11. Are you referring to a public or private hospital? There's a world of difference. All Philippine hospitals are required by law to treat you if your condition is "emergency or serious". That doesn't mean that they will, and it doesn't specify timeliness and quality of care, but there are serious potential legal consequences if they refuse treatment - if your condition warrants. But that's done in the ER, getting admitted to a private hospital is a different matter. I don't think that's going to happen without a cash deposit, Philhealth or not. In my case, they wouldn't admit me without a cash deposit even though I proved I had full private insurance (local, not foreign). Can not speak for Cebu or other locations but have never heard of anyone here in Cagayan de Oro , including expats with Philhealth coverage being refused entry into any hospital , private or otherwise . However , once Philhealth has paid what ever they will pay if you still have a large outstanding bill , then you might have a problem getting out . Fact is , most of the better hospitals here are private and many of the better doctors prefer working at them especially relating to surgical issues . But , as mentioned by Mike S. hospitals and doctors will try and work out things with you .
  12. Can't speak for Iligan but about 90 km NE in Cagayan de Oro there are about half a dozen schools listed as International . Some are grade school through high school and some college level . Be advised that their enrolments tend to be heavily oriented towards Japanese and Koreans . Western expats primarily use Private Schools not classified as International . Expat friends seem to be pleased with the quality of the education their children are getting but they can be pricey based on Philippine standards . Only problem i ever heard about was one Filipino girl born and raised in states that got in trouble because she wouldn't stand and salute Philippine flag stating that she was an American citizen and not a Filipino citizen . :-)
  13. Just as a matter of interest, has anyone here, ever been charged and penalised for overstaying. I mean serious overstaying, not forgetting to extend. I ask only, to see some sort of logistics on the man in the street, not hard criminals. Sorry if this is a little direct. :unsure: If someone has been charged and penalized for serious overstaying I doubt they will be on this forum because they will be deported and blacklisted. There is one member of this forum who was deported and blacklisted for overstaying and other offenses but he no longer posts on this forum because he now lives in Cambodia. Just as a matter of interest, has anyone here, ever been charged and penalised for overstaying. I mean serious overstaying, not forgetting to extend. I ask only, to see some sort of logistics on the man in the street, not hard criminals. Sorry if this is a little direct. :unsure: :tiphat: Have known one American that went through process . His fines and fees were $5,000 + which he did not have so he was deported . He had first contacted the US Embassy and they initiated his paperwork advantage being he would be free of arrest while waiting the processing of his papers . Took a year + for the papers to be processed and he actually left . Which says to me Philippine system is either back logged big time or voluntary deportations are just not that high on their agenda if no other criminal offences are involved . He was back in the country within a year which also raises questions regarding Philippines databases i suppose .
  14. An expat here in CDO is in need of O negative. My wife has been trying to help but seems no one is O- here. Will it be possible for you to donate? Daisy's cel is 09177086217 THANKS
  15. Can't speak for Cebu area but here in Northern Mindanao prices on smokes have risen from 5 - 40 % + . In other words whatever the retailer can get away with as was suspected . There have been no alcohol price increases as yet but according to at least one local expat business owner BIR is having problem trying to determine how to implement that part of the tax increase . Seems the issue is about alcohol content per product as tax is/was to be higher for the more potent beverages . Have noticed that beers sold here do not list the alcohol % per container and always wondered why . Especially since some beers ( Redhorse) swear theirs is stronger , by far .. :-)
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