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  1. Yeah, we have three cats that we feed outside the gate twice a day, once in the morning once a night. Been doing if for more than five years. They wait for me to come out. I find that I have to stay there with them or the dogs will chase them away and eat the cat food. I also keep fresh water out there for all the animals. And yes, we feed the dogs too if they look hungry.
  2. Well, we have finally got all of our issues with my five year old daughter under control, and we still want to go back to the US. I bought 4 gallons of milk today at S&R for a cost of P1960 or $42. Milk in the US is about $3 not $5. Just another reason. Yes, you can live cheap here if you eat what the Filipinos eat, but the only thing I can figure out that is cheaper than the US is the price of rent. Food is cheaper, the food that I want to eat anyway. Electricity is cheaper, internet is cheaper. I just can't see how it can cost me more to live in Florida that it does to live here. Even if
  3. Good morning all I have a couple of envelopes I need brought from the states. Anybody coming to Cebu towards the end of April or sometime in May? Thanks in advance.
  4. We were there for the SSA outreach in December and their hours were 9-11am for walk ins. Still at the Waterfront.
  5. I have no problem with the noise since the catholic church across the street broke their loud speakers. We have lived here in Camilia homes Lawaan since two weeks after we got here. Went from a four bedroom two bath hot as hell house with no yard to a two bedroom two bath with a decent yard and a great breeze once we got Katie. When I moved here I thought I was here for life, and maybe without Katie, I still would be, but with a five year old, she needs more than is available here. Nothing is going to change for the better that would change my mind about staying. We live in a pretty peaceful l
  6. If I could get up from my chair and get on a plane to the US right this minute, I would be gone. I hate how Filipinos treat their animals, how they treat their children, and how they treat ex pats. My wife was at the pharmacy the other day to buy some antibiotics. A furiner was there and asked for antibiotics. He was told they were out of stock. My wife proceeded to buy a box of a 100. I also don't like the corruption. But mainly I don't like the lack of the foods that I want to eat. I am a veggie for 35 years and I really miss the selection in the states. There is nothing here to make that la
  7. I agree Chis, it might not be worth it for the SS benefits alone, but there is the Love factor. Plus, he didn't mention if a wife is drawing child care benefits from SS or not. Not sure if that would be the same or not, or if they are already getting the maximum. But the US passport is beyond any price.
  8. Ok, I get it that it seems to come out ok, as far as delivery goes. But what about the prices and selection? A seagate 2tb external HD is P4580 which is $97, and a 4tb is P10,290 which is $219. On amazon they are $80 and $139. A flea collar is $6.19 at amazon and $18 on Lazada. Yes I am poor, so this is a big difference for me.
  9. Guys, Guys, Guys what a lot of misinformation. The same kind of stuff I went through before I started my journey. Oy, if I only knew then what I know now. First, you should adopt her and the sooner the better. Second, she can absolutely get SS benefits. Thirdly, adopt her, the sooner the better. We just went through this. We started 9/13/2011 and finally her SS application has been sent for payment. There are lots of things to know and do. Yes, she must have a US adoption. Our RP adoption cost P40K, our US adoption cost $1450. We did this by mail, did not have to go to the US. That also includ
  10. Yes, here is some must haves: Can openers. Can openers. Can openers. A pizza stone. Don't bring glasses. Also, I have more than 400K ebooks. So if you are a reader, PM me if you like.
  11. I agree, no tracking number? Not good. In the meantime, I have more than 400K eBooks if that will help you. I too was worried that I wouldn't like an ereader when I have been reading paper books for 65 years but in a couple of days, you couldn't pay me to go back to paper books.
  12. I have some documents that I really need from the US. Is anybody coming between now and the first two weeks of December to Cebu? I would greatly appreciate it.
  13. I was told there will be a SSA outreach at the Waterfront hotel in Cebu on November 5,6. 9-12 AM. Just a heads up.
  14. Ok, Ok, new prices. Going Quick, Out Of Business Sale, Lost Our Lease
  15. New Prices Well, subtle didn't work so here goes blatant. I have a Kindle PW with case and cable P5000 I have a HL-3070 Color Laser Printer with three or four extra cartridges P10000 I have a Cuisinart DLC 2011N with four extra blades in a case P4000 I have some 300,000 eBooks to put whatever you want on the Kindle. Trying to get the money to get to Guam for an interview. Prices are open.
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