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Found 5 results

  1. The wife is looking at building a house in Dipolog, she already has the land and is now looking at building a house. Can anyone advise what it would cost to have a draftsman draw up a house plan even if its an hourly rate or day rate, and the cost of having water connected to a house and power connected to a house. I understand that different regions may charge different amounts but at least having some figures available would be handy. I would expect connection costs in Cebu would be higher than Dipolog, but I may be wrong there. Any help in obtaining some idea of costs for engaging a draftsman and having an idea of connection costs would be handy. The land is only about 5 minutes from the largest hospital in Dipolog and not far from the airport, so we are within the Dipolog city area. Not in the rural area. Thanks for your help
  2. Have you or your family has/had strange illness's such as skin conditions, upset stomachs, virus in the blood requiring antibiotics? I had a strange abscess on my neck that grew to the size of a half apple on the neck. No insect bite, no perforations of the skin. Even the doctors were puzzled. Had to go to hospital for 4 days to drain, scrape out abscess, antibiotic drip. Started to investigate around to find the source. We drink only bottled water, but house water comes from the local district. The water source is n artesian source near the mountains. Since we take showers with that water. I did a test and found a high bacterial count in the water. Don't know if the problem is with the water or in the pipes. They use steel pipe at the house. I noticed a black mold in the toilet growing. Pulled off the shower head and it also had a black mold/algae on the inside. I suspect all the pipes have this mold/algae inside. Started pricing of a whole house filter that might contain mold/algue. Found at Ace, have large sand tank that filters out most objects with automatic back wash. That is connected to an external tube that contains large tube UV that kills bacteria. The whole setup will run over $1000. Anybody else using a water treatment for the whole house?
  3. The municipal water system is sometimes quite inadequate where I live (Songculan, Dauis, Bohol). Of course we have a large storage tank but sometimes we run out when the public water supply system doesn't work for days or sometimes weeks. The wife wants to drill a well. The house is 155 feet above sea level so near as I can tell a well would need to be 210 feet deep. Drilling a well that deep would be expensive. And I've heard the well water is brackish at best. So can I have truckloads of non-potable water delivered? What would the cost be?
  4. Morning All, Was just trying to find out what anyone living in Cebu is paying for Electricity and Water at present. I get copied on my tenants bill for my condo each month and just seems a little high to me. On the bill from Condo company they dont give units so I am assuming these are KWH and m3. Electric is 9.24 + VAT 1.26 = P 10.5 Water is 58.08 +VAT 7.92 = P 66 Bill for Feb was P 6,100 Below info from VECO website for electric (http://www.veco.com.ph/page.html?main=clients&sub1=your bill&sub2=Feb. 2017 Ave Rate):- Customer Class Consumption Demand Load (Feb. 15, 2017 to (kWh) (kW) Factor Mar. 14, 2017) Schedule I -FZ Streetlights 12,521 34,300 8.1581 Schedule II -R Residential 200 9.9175 Schedule III-P General Service 572 10.2347 Schedule IV -P General Power 5,353 8.6563 Schedule V -P Bulk Power 36,504 100 50% 7.9662 Schedule VI -P Wholesale Power 273,780 750 50% 7.2197 Schedule VII-P Special Wholesale 730,080 2,000 50% 7.1416 Cant find any data for water MCWD. Would be interested to hear members rates from Cebu. Who knows maybe Condo mangement is overcharging................ Cheers Steve
  5. Our house construction included roof gutters which drained into about 6 1m x1m (depth unknown) concrete structures which we thought were to store rain water. This impression was reinforced by the existence of a pipe visible near the top of each "cistern", seemingly to direct overflow away from the house. There has been a severe shortage in the municipal water supply, so 2 weeks ago my brother-in-law (we are currently in the US) removed the heavy concrete lid on on of these "cisterns" and discovered that the bottom was just dirt, not concrete, and it was quite dry. WTF, thought we. I contacted the builder and he said " I will let you know that there is no cistern tank that we construct in your residence, I don't know where you get this information that we build a cistern tank. What we build there is a catch basin to catch all rain water from the roof and water from the shower and the kitchen. " My mind is boggled. Water should be directed away from the house, not collected near the foundation and allowed to soak into the ground right next to the foundation. The builder has got to be spewing BS. Comments please.
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