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Found 1 result

  1. I am a fairly new member of this group. I married a wonderful Filipina almost three years ago, and we have a daughter, who is almost two. I also have twins (boy and girl), almost sixteen, from a previous marriage. We all live together in one big happy (mostly) family. The twins love their tiny sister, and she has made our family life much richer. My wife is cheerful, kind, loving, and non-judgmental, which is the opposite of my ex, and which is such a great example for the older two. I am 57, and thinking about retirement five or ten years from now, with an eye on moving to Cebu. I have a whole lot of things to balance between now and then, such as getting the twins through college (if they choose that path), and beginning education for my two-year-old. I need advice from anyone with insight into the hidden issues I may be facing, so I can fully consider them. Here is a list of things I am trying to get my head around. Any additional issues and any comments on them would be greatly appreciate. My wife thinks it would be hard for the little one to grow up in the Philippines and then transition back to college and work in the US, should she choose that path I am worried that moving there would separate me irreparably from my older two. If I am a long plane flight away from them, I am concerned I would loose connection with them, and I would not "be there for them" if they needed some Dad time. Retirement scares me, I want to be able to fill my time with interesting things. Although I've visited the Philippines, I've never been in country for more than a couple of weeks at a time. Do things get a lot different long term? Both my parents have passed. I want my youngest to be able to spend time with her maternal grandmother (grandfather has passed). I think this is a very important factor, because she needs to understand her Filipino roots, and bask is some of the great Filipino love only her grandmother can provide. Education for my young daughter is important. I've piggybacked on another post to ask a couple questions on home schooling. Any advice on schooling (at-home or in-school) would be appreciated. Visits back home - how often do people go, and do you miss your home country. I am a big Soccer and American Football fan. I will want to follow the Seattle Sounders and the Seattle Seahawks teams, plus several college teams, including my Alma Mater, the University of Washington, and the University of Hawaii (my adopted home). I know the Internet will help with this. Should I consider a satellite dish, and would you recommend it or is cable sufficient? Are there things I would never think about until living there that I could easily plan for that are not even on my radar? Is living in the province (in this case Catmon Cebu) preferable or should I stick somewhat closer to a larger city (such a the greater Cebu City area)? What issues with Banking should I plan ahead for? What items are unexpectedly expensive? Are there any dangers that would be of concern once living there? Thanks in advance for any advice and comments you all may offer.
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