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Found 1 result

  1. If you've ever wondered how people can survive here on very low income..... or what their living conditions are like.... you can take a highly itemized picture tour through their abodes. You can see and visually visit inside of the homes of people who live here in the PI on MONTHLY incomes of: $86 USD, 93, 98, 169, 170, 194, 195, 228, 238, 262, 501, 865 and $1,087. Their possessions and daily living tools are surveyed pictorially along with brief interview scripts. There is a web site that takes nations and U.N. economic and social data bases and makes them available for educational illustrations of current global realities. Its is an attempt to dis-spell many erroneous preconceptions about global lifestyles. The site was mentioned in a video lecture by a Swedish professsor who teaches courses in global awareness of the changing social and economic realities of the last 70 years vs older, now dated stereotypical viewpoints. The website is <gapminder.org>, and the images are on the "Dollar Street" section, which features a huge number of families of the world w/ income levels and attendant physical lifestyle items. I've just begun exploring it and am giving the PI families my first read. So the next time someone asks, "How cheaply can a person/family live in the Philippines?", you can give them a well documented reply of...... (your choice)..... $ 86.... or $98..... or $228, etc. Of course, after they see the pictures, I don't think that they'll be in any hurry to come here and take up the illustrated economic lifestyle. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these survey pics will save an immeasurable amount of writing.
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