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Found 9 results

  1. After coming here for 8 years, I was in Jakarta this week and when checking in on Philippines Airlines, they would not let me board unless I had a return ticket, I have never had this before, so I quickly had to go on line and book a flight to be allowed to fly back here, so in future I will make sure I have a reserved flight which I can cancel, with my job I never know what date I'm flying it's a bit of a pain in the @ss.
  2. Maxheadspace

    Citizenship or Not

    We are starting paperwork for my wife's US citizenship naturalization process. She raised a point the other day which I had not thought of. If she gets her US citizenship, we will both be US citizens retired in the Philippines, meaning we would not have the benefits of either having Philippines citizenship, as in for buying real estate. But we want the benefits of US citizenship, such as the freedom an American passport brings you. Is dual citizenship practiced? I know the US frowns on it, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
  3. My stepbrother from Darwin arrived on a PAL flight at NAIA yesterday, and as he had a connecting flight to Cebu, PAL transferred him and about 10 other passengers directly to the Cebu flight. His baggage was checked through to Cebu, so he assumed he would do immigration there as well as customs. But when they got to Cebu, all the passengers exited through the domestic terminal without going through Immigration or Customs. When he got to his hotel, and the receptionist was copying his passport, she asked which page his entry stamp was on. Of course, he didn't have one! I told him to go straight to the BIR today and get an entry stamp because he won't get out of the country without it. Has anyone else in Cebu had this experience, and can they tell me whether it was easy to sort out at the BIR?
  4. Hello, A few weeks ago, I officially received my Probationary 13a Residency approval paper at the Angeles BI office. However, they still had yet to receive my I-Card from the Main BI office. Next month, I am required to attend a hearing in San Francisco, so I will need to return to US in 4-5 weeks. I couldn't find a topic in the forum for my situation and want to make sure I follow the correct process. Researching it made it even more confusing for me. So I have a some questions I hope can help me understand what I need to do. I haven't booked my flight yet, so I don't have dates of travel. Must I apply and pay ECC fees at a BI office (Angeles)? Do they require my flight information/dates of travel? How far in advance must I apply before my departure? Is it possible to pay ECC fees at Clark or NAIA airport on date of departure? Finally, since I don't have an I-Card yet, what happens upon my return to PI's. Do I present BI with my passport and original/copy of Probationary 13a Residency approval letter? Will this impact my Probationary 13a status to Permanent 13a? Thanks so much in advance for your help. After a lifetime of being independent and helping others, it's been a very difficult adjustment for me to depend others for help. Between 2010-2013 I had 3 concussions where I lost consciousness and the neurological damage is now impacting my daily life. As Indiana Jones once said, "It's not the age, it's the mileage". I think my warranty has expired.
  5. not so old china hand

    China 72 Hour Visa-Free Transit

    As I mentioned in a previous post I took advantage of the 72 hour visa free rule to string together cheap flights between Ulaanbaatar and Hong Kong. As the name suggests it allows one to stay in China for up to 72 hours without having to get a visa in advance. And it's FREE The rule applies to most cities that are major points of entry for international flights. The ones most like to be of interest are: Beijing, Chogquing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Qindao, and Xian. There are others. For most cities no advance notice is required (certainly the case with Beijing) but it's worth checking in advance with the airline or travel agent. For Beijing the 72 hours begins at the scheduled arrival time. For most other cities it starts at midnight of the day you arrive so take care when calculating the length of your stay Eligibility: most European citizens (including non-Schengen countries such as Ireland and the UK; Canada and the USA; Australia and New Zealand. HOWEVER I regret not Philippine citizens. Requirements: passport valid for at least 6 months and at least one empty visa page; a confirmed onward booking to a destination outside China (for the purposes of this process Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan count as being outside China); details of where you are going to stay (including a contact telephone number). NOTE it must be an onward ticket to a third country not a return. So you could not fly Manila - Beijing - Manila for example but you could fly Manila - Beijing - Hong Kong. The process. When you check-in tell the agent that you are going to apply for a 72 hour visa free transit and show them the details of your onward flight. Fill in the arrival card they give you on the plane (if you don't get one don't worry you can get at the transit desk). The only tricky part of the whole process is finding the transit desk after you land. In Beijing T3 it is on the left after the health-check desk and before immigration. At the transit desk you will be given a form to fill in. It's quite straight forward: You don't need to fill in the fields "Agent" and "Agent's phone number." After checking the form and your itinerary the person at the desk will stamp your passport with an illegible stamp and write-in your departure time. Ignore the sign that says you need to get a boarding pass for an onward flight. Proof of booking is all. Then you go to the immigration desk and they will process you into the country. WELCOME to CHINA. NOTE the 72 hour visa free transit limits you to staying in one city (with the exception of Shanghai where they give you 144 hours and you can visit nearby provinces). However the city limits are pretty large. For Beijing for example they include most of the popular sites on the Great Wall. So to sum up. Advantages: No need to go through the hassel of applying for a visa Handy if you book a trip on the spur of the moment or happen to be flying through China on a cheap ticket. It's free. Disadvatages: Long wait. It took me about two hours as one person processed a long queue. Not applicable to Philippine citizens (unless they are travelling on another passport)
  6. Morning all from a damned hot UAE! Friend of mine, English, just retired to Bacolod, married Filipina some years back. Now he is in Bacolod seems to be getting run around as to the process for 13a visa. Any Bacolodeans, or others can spell it out, what is required, where to go, who to see etc etc. Thanks Steve
  7. I've been hearing this for a couple months! Is this true or is a fake news article. http://tv-bbc.com/ky-philippines-favored-in-trumps-immigration-war-as-he-approves-30-days-visa-free-travel-policy/ My research shows that this may not be true, or to good to be true. Anyone know more on this issue? It would be great not having to file a visa for my Asawa on a visit back to the states!
  8. Hello, I noticed the pinned 13a process thread is a few years old. Once I complete my 13a processing, I'll create an updated guide for 2017 expats to follow. This will include the NBI clearance process too While I still question whether the Petitioner's and Applicants joint letter to the BI Commissioner requires a notary stamp, we're doing it anyway. Hoping I have all my I's dotted and T's crossed, my fingers sure are crossed. We're leaving at 3am on bus from Cabanatuan to Manila tonight. Should arrive at NBI Clearance office around 9-10am. I don't know if any expats have gotten their NBI clearance recently at that office. I'll find out if their online submission process is easy like I'm hoping and receive clearance certificate same day. Our plan is to stay in Manila for the night, then take bus next morning to the Angeles BI office and submit 13a application. I'll keep you posted! Cheers!
  9. Gotta laugh at the incompetency of some public officials. Last year upon returning to US, I filed I-130's for my newlywed wife and her 5 yo daughter, costing me $840 in filing fees. A month later, my wife finds out she is pregnant, so we discussed our options, deciding that me relocating to Philippines was the best option. So I accept the loss of the $840 fees and not continue with CR-1 process. Fast forward 9 mo's, I'm residing in the Philippines and thank God we were blessed with a very healthy baby boy. A month later I then proceed to file CRBA/Passport for him. I have to give credit to USEM ACS unit, they scheduled appointment within a week of receiving the CRBA paperwork. They were even helpful in rescheduling the appointment while I had to fly back to US due to a family emergency. Sadly, I found out that my uncle was given 6-12 mo's left to live due to a terminal illness. Now comes the fun part. I had contacted the USEM and NVC to find out the process for withdrawing the I-130's. Simple enough, send the USEM IV unit and NVC emails with attached endorsed letter stating my reason for withdrawing I-130's. The case being I now reside in the Philippines with my new family. While in the US, I file DS-160's B1/B2 tourist visas for for wife and step-daughter, pay the $320 in MRV fees and schedule interview. Naturally, they are immediately denied their tourist visa under INA 214(b), most likely because CO notices I-130 in system, but didn't bother to review any evidence supporting they were withdrawn and evidence of compelling reasons for returning to Philippines. I return to Manila and along with my wife and baby boy attend CRBA/Passport hearing which went smoothly. The CO even accepted copies of doctors prenatal exams. In the meantime, I had also re-filed the DS-160's paid another $320 in MRV fees explaining on form that I-130's were withdrawn. My family in US is unable to afford to travel to Philippines, and my terminally ill uncle wants to meet my new family before he passes. Once again, they go to interview and the CO reviews their evidence and states they have sufficient evidence to support returning to Philippines. But wait, the CO see's my original email message to the USEM and NVC withdrawing I-130's and then denies their visa's under INA 214(b) stating they are risk to immigrate. Someone please help me understand the insane logic. Why would I waste $840 fees to withdraw I-130's, spend another $640 for in MRV fees in attempt to get my new family to US for visit for a few weeks? If they really intended to immigrate, I wouldn't have withdrawn the I-130's. So would it have been better for them to proceed under I-130's immigration process under false testimony, since we have no intention of residing in the US. In the meantime, I've written to the public affairs offices for US Ambassador - USEM, Secretary of State John Kerry and Senator's Feinstain and Boxer asking them for assistance under humanitarian reasons. Giving them a summary of the above situation, so my 75 yo terminally ill relative in US can meet my family before he passes and my 84 yo father is unable to travel to Philippines. Perhaps I could get better results if I claim they are Syrian refugees, that way they'd get free airfare, housing, food and health care.