Even Filipinos Who Show Wealth Are Targets

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So it is not just about being a foreigner, IMO it is about hunger and poverty by some who wish to redistribute the wealth, their way. So is crime getting worse all over, or is it just an illusion? While I do not wish to put these women down, what person in the right mind would have a bag worth that much (just under $2000 US) in a country where people are starving and so many are out of work or underpaid. At least they were not hurt, that is what is the most important. CEBU, Philippines - Two women lost P100,000 worth of valuables to two motorcycle-riding men who held them up in Barangay Kasambagan yesterday morning. Among of the things they lost were a Chanel bag worth P80,000; eyeglasses worth P9,000; Samsung and MyPhone cellular phone worth P7,000; Sketchers shoes worth P1,500; and several student identification cards and ATM cards. The victims said several people witnessed the incident, but ran away for fear of their lives.They are hoping that barangay officials can augment security in the barangay because even foreign nationals have been made victim of robbers. Sisters held up at gunpoint

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