Gov't Cameras In Your Car, And R2D2 Use In Germany

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I hope to not see these types of cameras in cars in my lifetime, but I can see where in some countries where privacy seems to take a backseat to govt needs, that it may happen. And who is to say other govt's are not also using R2D2 type Trojans? E-toll patent hints at Big Brotherish future The dynamic is playing out right now in a European scandal surrounding use of a secret government program used by German law enforcement officials to monitor citizens' Internet behavior through the use of Trojan horse software called R2D2. German courts had permitted use of the software only when officials were fulfilling a legal wiretap order, and only to listen in on Skype conversations. But the R2D2 Trojan has allegedly been used by German authorities to send thousands of screen shots detailing suspects' Internet explorations, to keylog their typing, and in a host of other potentially illegal evidence-gathering methods.

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