Yea I Know This Isn't Going To Be Of Intrest To Everyone

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OK for you big time PC gamers out there in Cebu that can't find PC games except those cheap crappy pirated ones there is a store in Ayala and SM (Cyberzone) called DataBlitz ....... and let me tell you they (the Ayala branch) have a ton of PC software on DVD's and CD's along with the usual Xbox .... and other formats ....... the games run anywhere from discounted 200p to the more expensive one's 1645p each ...... I paid 449p for two CD's ...... Sniper Art of Victory and The Hell in Vietnam ..... not real high end games like FarCry2 or Dark Messiah Might and Magic ..... but OK first person shooters ...... They can also order games if they can get them ...... they are on the 3rd level of the mall coming in from the terraces by the Roma Mia restaurant (not bad food there ..... spaghetti is not sweet) enter the two double glass doors and as you turn the corner to the right it is the 2nd shop on the right ....

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