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Lucky Buggers Club Philippines

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You just might be asking yourself what is a Lucky Bugger? Well, it’s a group for men who happen to be the “trailing spouse” or “significant other” of someone on assignment here in the Philippines. We try to stay out of trouble by keeping ourselves busy with just about anything we like really, just as long as we don’t get our better halves too angry with us (a little angry is okay). We are always looking for ways to stay out of trouble, whether it’s golf, bowling, diving or other sporting activity and have actually been known to volunteer our time to charity or other social projects. Of course we can’t forget about the nourishment of our minds and body, so we meet for lunch often to share “intellectual” enrichment and, while not a political group, are always willing to criticize world politics and politicians, but no gossiping allowed, we’ll leave that for others.So, as long as you are an expat male living in the Philippines or Guatemala, your better half works and you don’t (part time is okay), you can become a member of the Lucky Buggers Club, You’ll be sure to make some friends and find ways to spend your precious free time. And of course suggestions on ways to use our valuable time are always welcome.Log into facebook, navigate to : http://www.facebook.com/groups/luckybuggersphilippines/and just click on the "Ask To Join" button. Or email us:



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