How To Work A Magic Jack, Questions And Answers

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Oldutot asked a question HERE so I thought we could devote a whole topic to it. Joe's question below. Others should feel free to post their own guides or questions.

Hi Lee, I just starting using magicjack, do you know of any instructions on how to use it. I have it up and running and works fine. I understand the basic features, how would I delete calls from display screen. the caller i.d. numbers. I am using the basic jack. :hystery:
Joe the easy way that I found is to right click on it and either delete all, or delete just that one call. You can also highlight the call by clicking on it and then click on menu and then click on add to contacts and then a new box will pop up and you can type in the name of the person the phone number belongs to, that is what I usually do with anyone who calls me, so the next time they call the name and number comes up on the screen so I know who is calling. I usually delete all wrong numbers or sales calls but save most other numbers.The good thing about the original Magic Jack which is still available is just as above, you can have a phone book on the screen but you can have that as well with the new Magic Jack if you are to use it by plugging it into the computer, rather than plugging it into the modem. The new Magic Jack also allows a person to get all the functions of the old one but also use it as an independent phone line by hooking it directly into your router and plugging it into power. The power adapter it comes with is marked 100 to 240 volts, so it will work in any country, but it has a US type plug so will work in the Philippines but will probably need an adapter for other countries. I have both and I may eventually give up my old one but I still have one year paid calls on it and that time and other credits such as prepaid long distance is not transferable to a new one, so time will tell.The other good thing about the new one is that a person can back feed it into their home by unplugging the phone companies phone jack where the line comes in to the home, or in older homes, possibly unhooking the phone companies wires at the input jack usually outside the home, and then plugging the line from the new MJ into any jack in the house instead of a phone, and then all jacks in the home should work with phones when you plug them in. As a side to that, even a home alarm should work that way, so one can do away with the phone company if they do not use them for fast access internet. The new Magic Jack is basically just like any VOIP service that a lot of companies are selling and charging much more per month for. One note I would like to add, for some reason I find with either Magic Jack that it will work better when plugged into a computer that has more than one GB of ram, so if you have an older computer than it may not work as well and if you have a very old computer with USB 1 then it will not work at all. Others please add the things you know about a Magic Jack, or add your questions about it and please state new or old model at the start of your posts. Edited by Mr. Lee
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