New Facebook Scam Offers Free Gift Cards

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Posted (edited) Facebook scam threatens to hook in members of the social networking giant, this time claiming to offer free gift cards fromonline retailer Computer security firm Sophos said the cybercriminals behind the new scam offer a link supposedly to a free gift card. "When you see one of your friends share a link like this with you, the truth is that they have been duped into a scam. Be careful not to make the same mistake as them, or you'll just be helping put cash into the pockets of the bad guys. Sophos said clicking on the link will take the prospective victim to a webpage on a third-party website. The website encourages the victim to re-share the link, and add a comment, before it will allow access to the so-called special deal. "If you follow the page's instructions you will be taken to another webpage, (such as one that) encourages you to sign up for a premium rate mobile phone service which could end up hurting you in the pocket. Worse, the scammers usually earn affiliate cash by driving traffic to sites like this. Sophos said one warning sign about the supposed gift card is that it is offering a whopping $500. Edited by Art2ro
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