Furnished Condo Or House To Rent, Davao Or Samal

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This forum seems to be very much Cebu oriented but it's worth a shot. Ideally I would like to live on Samal island but when I was there I couldn't find anything to rent so I'm considering renting somewhere in Davao not too far from the ferry terminal so that we can hop across and continue our search. If anyone can recommend an area to live that's quiet and safe I would appreciate it. It's too early to ask if anyone knows of condos or small houses to rent as we probably wont be there till May or June. Recommendations of where to live would be appreciated.

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The forum has a lot of Cebu oriented info, but I am in Baguio City (north of Manila), the "wrong" direction to help you with your hunting a place to stay. I think that Cebu has a better reputation than Manila and the folks are generally a happier, easier-going group than up in Luzon, at least the more metro areas of Luzon. But it is good to hear from folks all over the Philippines. That really does enhance the forum for me. I learn more about what is happening elsewhere and what to expect if I visit the area. I hope you find a place and let us know your experiences down in southern Philippines!

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