6Th Grade Class Pictures (Or A Big Candy Scam......)

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I was invited to Catbalogan 1. The largest elementry school here. For class pictures for the upcomming graduation. About 1,000 kids attend here. Since it was picture day, all were supposed to be in their official uniforms. Most were, however with the poorest, there was some swapping and sharing of clothes between the picture taking.When I arrived, there was a class on the outdoor stage having their picture taken while the teachers had 5 more classes lined up waiting. All kids lined up according to height. Boys in one line, girls in one line.Then, suddenly, some damn Kano in a black hat shows up and it was instant RIOT! Oh... that Kano was me... I was suddenly engulfed by a couple hundred kids all yelling JOE! or BRUSS! or BUY ME CANDY! The teachers were of no help. It was every Kano for himself....I said no candy until after the pictures so they got back into line to wait. Here in the school are at least 2 'snack places' well stocked and open all day. Since school is 'optional' and there are few if any rules... kids come and go as they please and it is not unusual to have kids go to school... but not go to class.Lots of 1p candy available (sugar makes up 4 of the 5 food groups in the Philippines) so I tried (and failed) to discretly remove a few 100p notes from my pocket. I gave 1 each to a few students I knew with instructions to buy 100 pc of candy for the kids and then I made a retreat (for the ex marines... I advanced in a different direction). The girl I am standing next to is a former street kid I took charge of. Three years ago, she was sleeping outside and begging with the kids in the bottom picture. Amazing what some soap and water will do..... post-404-0-39356400-1330314830_thumb.jpgpost-404-0-47767300-1330314849_thumb.jpgpost-404-0-72704400-1330314898_thumb.jpgpost-404-0-98061600-1330314916_thumb.jpgpost-404-0-72881000-1330314958_thumb.jpgAnd of course... at breakfast this morning... I took some pictures of these independant kids who have chosen a future without an education!post-404-0-51575300-1330314984_thumb.jpg

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Hey Bruce! She looks just like you! Just kidding!!! Though you could be a stand-in for a skinny Santa Claus and she does look like one of the cute elves from the Santa Clause (Tim Allen) movies... Ok, I"m trying to be nice here! :mocking:Seriously I wish to commend you once again on the work you do with these kids! I don't know of a word that would fit and I know you would deny it... Tough... Live with it! You're just better than you thought! Now this thing about rap music... I mean... :3_8_14[1]: :89: :lol:

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