Single-Ticket System To Start Tomorrow - M M D A

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Posted, Philippines - Barring any hitches, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and the 17 local government units (LGUs) of Metro Manila will start issuing tomorrow the Uniform Ordinance Violation Receipt (UOVR) tickets for traffic violationsacross the metropolis.Spokesperson Ma. Lualhati Dorotan said yesterday the MMDA is just waiting for the delivery of the UOVR tickets from the National Printing Office.Dorotan said each LGU will initially get 500 UOVR tickets. She said the new traffic violation tickets, which will bear the logos of the MMDA and the 17 Metro Manila LGUs, are designed to be tamper-proof and will have several security features to prevent forgery.“Our traffic constables as well as the traffic enforcers of the various LGUs were already trained in the detection of fake UOVRs,” Dorotan said.With the use of the UOVR, a motorist who gets apprehended for a traffic violation and gets his driver’s license confiscated can use the single traffic violation ticket as a temporary license. Should the motorist be flagged down in another city, he will no longer be issued another traffic violation ticket for driving without a license upon presenting his UOVR.
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