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Believe me things change every day at the BoI - and also atevery government office we visit. However all of the changes in the past year have been for the good - many forms of corruption and abuse ar

Update: June 10 2012. I bought our plane tickets to Singapore,in May,thru Cebu Pacific so I can do the visa run thing now that my 16 month is almost completed on July 1 2012. I purchased Promo fare t

If you've been in the Philippines for more than 6 months, you have to apply (in person) for an Exit Clearance Certificate(ECC) from the Bureau of Immigration before leaving the country.You'll need to

the reason your ACR-1 card cost less was because it was a reissue, it is from one to two week wait in Davao, they will text you when it it there, i have never had to show an onward ticket at any time to BOI , if needed you would have to show it for 16 months

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Went to BI yesterday 9-24-12.

Still NO ACR-I card. Once again I was told to come back in 2 weeks.

It has now been 4 weeks now.

I have no idea as to why. What I do know is that I was not the only one there who has not received an ACR-I card.

I have read on the BI website that they are really cracking down on illegal use ( copying, altering, fake ) of the cards and making sure it is the correct person picking up the card.

It also states that a foreigner MUST HAVE his or her ACR-I card with them.

Any foreigner without his or her ACR I-Card shall be deemed incompleted documented, and penalized for violation of the Alien Registration Act of 1950 and Philippine Immigration Act of 1940. ( from BI website )


Currently I keep the receipt for my ACR-I card in my passport.

I also got the impression from what I was reading is that they are now doing longer investigations into foreigners who stay here in the Philippines for more than 14 months. As in those that stay on Tourist Visa for 14 months then leave and return and continue to stay for an additional amount of time.

When I asked at the ACR-I card window If there was a number I could call to find out what was going on I was told to see one of the employees at the main window on the first floor. Apperantly one of the senior employees. After giving him a copy of my reciept and passport he informed me that he would text manila and ask about the ACR-I card and text me IF they answer him. However he said that the cebu office has nothing to do with the ACR-I cards.

I got the feeling from those that I talked to there that NOT recieving an ACR-I card is becoming a common problem.

Anyone know of a link to the blacklist or deportation list on the BI site? or any other site. ( as long as its a legitimate one that is )


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There is a list of approved I-cards on the BI web site:


Check if you can find you name.

If you carry the O.R. (Receipt) with you, it should be fine. As long as you are not in to monkey business or having local "enemies", I don't think anybody will investigate you.

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My experience may help you not to worry too much. I lost my previous ACR card soon after it was given to me. Every time I went to renew my tourist visa I told them 'I forgot it at home' and they just renewed my visa because they could see in my passport that I had one.

When it expired I continued to do the same thing. They told me it was expired and I said: I'll renew it next time. When I left the country on my 16th month visa run no one asked me for the card. When I got back I got another 2 free months before I had to get another one.

They do not monitor it as close as their web site suggests they do, and when you leave the country and come back, if you still have an ACR card that has not expired then it is still good. Even getting a new (renewal) passport does not change that. Just show them the ACR card and they make a note of it in the new passport. Its good until the expiry date.

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Update on ACR-I card.

November 29, 2012,

Applied and paid for ACR-I card renewal and reissuance on August 28, 2012.

Still NO ACR-I card.

Went to the BoI office to renew my tourist visa in October and asked again to the person in charge what I should do. They had me calling their office every day at 8 am then calling back at 12 pm then again at 3pm every day for over 2 weeks. They had told me on 2 occasions that my ACR-I card was there and that I could come and pick it up. On both occasions it was not there. They finally told me that they will call me when and if it ever arrives and to not worry about it. So I am not going to worry about it. When I go in to renew my visa again I will go up and ask if its there yet. If not I will just let them know at the window downstairs and leave it at that.

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don,t worry about the acr card ive got 2 of them in my wallet one for last year and one for this year and have never been asked for them at anytime in 20 months that i have been here .They are in fact a useless piece of plastic that would proberly only be needed if a policeman requested some sort of I d If you don,t carry your passport around with you .but if you intend to open a bank account then the bank will ask to see it .

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A lot of interesting information in this topic, thank you all.

Just curios how much your throw away promo ticket actually cost. The HOng Kong 5J promo would Have cost me about 2500P.

Air Asia ticket from Clark>Kota Kinabalu was p1090 total.

It don't have to be an air ticket. I haven't tried myself, but I have heared of BOAT tickets to HongKong and Malaysia.. I believe he said the one to HongKong cost around 600p.. But I have no idea where to buy them.

It's a convinience factor too in the buying, and not worth geting a cheaper ticket if it's much harder to get, specialy if have to go there to buy it adding cab cost :)

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Went to BI office on the 19th of December to renew my tourist visa. This one is the 6 month to 8 month stamp. The cost was 2830.00 pesos. This is the second time I have gotten this one. The place was packed full of people. However we were in and out in a very short time about an hour or so. The staff there was very freindly and polite. I love christmas time. ha ha.

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