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Refridgerator Near Dumaguete

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Looks like Phildiver is the man to ask that question too

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If you go along San Jose Street which is the street that all the cars are parked outside Lee Plaza and crosses Perdices street heading towards the hills the next block on the left side of the road there is appliance store called Appliance Certrum I think its called. But you can't miss it.

They have refridgerators of all bands and sizes. About 20 to 30 to choose from with prices ranging up to 90,000php two door types etc

Also stoves, TV, Aircon they all there

Hope that helps

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Where can I find a good used frost free fridge, standard sized-not mini, in or near Dumaguete? Nothing on web lately.

Not sure if you are going to find any USED ref's here as most people run them into the ground .... you might get lucky as I did and find an ex-pat who got tired of it all and went back state-side ...... or they do what we did when it finally quite after 4 years (he had it 5) we now use it to store stuff in ..... kinda like a pantry .... something they don't have here in the Phils .... works great to store your extra stuff in .... you just have to make sure it is not sealed tight and air can circulate in it ..... :hystery: :hystery:

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