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Considering Moving From Beach To Cebu City

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I have been living in a remote area of the Philippines for several months now and 3 months with my fiancee. I enjoy the white sand beach at my front door and usually a peaceful lifestyle. The problem is that we are getting a little bored here now and we have new priorities.

We are tired of the limited food options here and we would also like to have a more active social life. My fiancee would also like to work and I'm happy with that since our finances are low at the moment.

We have been getting a good deal on rent here so we are hopeful we can also find something similar in the city. So we would prefer to pay something around 10,000 pesos. Internet is not needed as we use Smartbro. We have our own fridge and stove so those things are not vital. We do want a clean, tidy and safe place though.

We don't want to live right in Cebu city but would prefer slightly out of the city away from pollution and noise. As long as we can get a jeep into one of the main malls about 30 minutes away then that would be fine to be able to pick up some produce we might need. The property must be secure and that is a very important feature. We don't have a vehicle so we don't need a garage etc. 2 bedrooms would be ideal so we could turn one into an office etc but one room is fine, even a large open studio would work, The thing we would like though is some space as the place we stay in now is quite small and one of the reasons we want to move.

Some ideas on locations would be good....

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Hi mate,

I recently met a very well connected Realtor who specializes in high end rentals; however she told me she has some studio rentals near Tops in cebu which she would be offering at around 5,000p a month.

I am going to see the places this weekend so may have some good news for you next week.


Denial of [email protected]

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Hey Paul, that sounds ideal/ Please let me know how they are after you visit this weekend, In fact we are travelling to Cebu on Sunday and plan to stay for 4 days and try to find something while we are there. I will contact you early next week as well, cheers.

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