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Four, Three, Two, One, NOW! You've just had a stroke. It will be sixdays before you are alert/aware enough to give instructions or directions. Fortunately, your wife was at home with you at the time.WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?What does she do? Who does she call? How do you get to the hospital?Is she capable of "taking charge" or will she panic?Do you have a friend she can call?Are funds available? Can she access them for your hospital admission,medication, and oftentimes "pay-as-you-go" treatment?Who is taking care of the house? The children?THINK ABOUT IT!This scenario happened to a friend. He was forty six years old. This time it was only a drill. Next time you may not be as lucky.THINK ABOUT IT!The life you save may be your own. ________________Mike Farrell First Sergeant of Marines

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