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I won't cite stories about other times, and other places where I always had a "friend" to meet me on my arrival. I limit my comments to today and now in the Philippines.There must be at least 30 Yahoo groups/websites that are Philippine related with ex-pat members.As a result, I don't believe there is anyplace in the Philippines I could visit where I would not have a "friend" to meet, greet, and welcome me on my arrival.In order for me to repay my "karma" debt, I have a standing offer toanyone visiting Cagayan de Oro.I will greet you at the airport, give you a guided tour of our city,recommend accommodations that fit your needs and budget, and invite you to our weekly ex-pat get-together.My price? The first beer is on you. (I have negotiated with non-beerdrinkers.)Am I unique? Hell NO! I can cite internet "friends" in a dozen different Philippine locations who are open to meeting new friends.No! I will not share my list. Earn your own.To have a "friend" you must first BE a friend.The initiation cost is cheap. It starts with a smile, a wave, a "Good Morning!".Yes, long distance, such as on the Internet, does require some modifications. But why is it we feel an affinity for some, and notfor others?Mike FarrellCagayan de Oro

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