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Davao - Finding A Condo For Rent


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Ehm... You all know how easy it is to find certain areas of city, look for an apartment certain size and get a pretty damn good idea what price range is back home.


So I've been looking at Google for sometime, in advance, for a long term (monthly rates) furnished about 2br ~40-60 sq meter place to stay and I am starting to get frustrated. I mentioned in advance along with my opening of the post, since I have a pretty good idea how much harder this is than sipping coffee in local restaurant and calling agencies.


Davao seems to have a lot, well relative to Davao not being actual hot spot for expats, massive Condominium complexes with swimming pools etc.


Now to the point, could someone please help a newbie out and maybe write me short list of safe and clean places I should consider with approximate prices? You know, in the ballpark. For now I just need some sort of general idea what kind of prices I should pay, which unbelievably i can not find myself :)


Studio - 2br, 40-60sq m, furnished, in a safe Condotel in the city. Doesn't have to be top of the line, but comfortable place to live daily life for a single european guy.

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