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Where Is The Disconnect?? Filipina Is Telling Me $1K Is A Lot!!


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From my visit to my girls parents on Mindoro, it's cheap in the sticks, mainly because there is not that much to buy. I was lucky I could get broadcom internet at my girls parents home or I would have been going through technology withdrawls. I paid their 412 piso electric bill for the month I stayed there. The internet cost me 1,400 piso for the month, which I think compared to the electricity is a fair example of how the greater cost for nearly up to date technology. The motorcycle I bought is only slightly more complicated than a clawhammer and probably does not give up much in reliability to the hammer either. There was a great little resort in Pinamalayan that cost all of a dollar a head for the day with showers and renting a kubo, they put an umbrella on the beach for us also for shade, 5 piso per song on the karaoke machine. Nearest movie theatre was 2 hours away. I handled it fine for a month but I would like to live a good bit closer to a sizeable city. If you could live a life that simple, I think you could do it for $500 a month (in a decent native house with fan and sleep under mosquito net) which would allow you to retain your savings for a comfortable cushion for emergencies if you had $1,000 or more per month. It's just not for me long term.

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Well that's the great thing about this forum, lot's of good advice from guy's on the ground. I really think you need some one local to help you there or it would become a nightmare trying to sort things out. I am not trying to put any one's nose out of joint but like Allen can some one explain to me this western lifestyle that is always mentioned.

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I know, right? I'm tickled to death I found this forum.


Just a guess, but I suspect a "Western lifestyle" is going to be eating out more often, going out (movies, clubs, golfing, whatever) more often, etc. etc. Maybe a bigger house than what you'd normally find, for example, in the US. I "suffer" from this a bit. I like my movies, but I'm very content to wait till the Blu-ray to come out and watch it at home. And while I do eat out on occasion, I am far more interested in the culture I'm in...i.e., more traditional food (though there is no way I'm trying balut LOL).

But I'm confident I can deal with a smaller house. I am sure I can do w/o air conditioning. I truly enjoying discovering a new place and trying to fit in and exploring it. And just looking over the map, the history of the place intrigues me as well. I spent 4 years in Germany and the history there is pretty impressive. The exact same can be said for the Philippines.

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Nicely said Jack, and I do understand that. :)

Oddly enough, among my other retirement thoughts were acquiring some property here in the States and living off the grid. As it is now, I live in suburbia (yes, West Virginia does have suburbs. LOL) and I do expect some things. But I recognize a LOT of things I could do without or less of.


Oh, and yes.....my name is Allen. :)

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I found the restaurants there were very good value for money, 3 of us went to Lantaw, great location and for a seafood dinner in a perfect setting was 1400 pesos in total with a few beers, this is only me, but I am not a big steak eater, more on seafood, fruit and vegies that are very cheap compared to what I am used to here, as for the wine, I did buy a bottle of aussie Moscata around the same price as in the stores here.

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she pointed out that $1K USD = P43K (as of yesterday, according to Google), which is around what a Senator in the Philippines makes.

 thats just the BASE salary, then you add the committee or "other"work he is assigned and then it jumps tremendously





a nanny for her two children, a housekeeper

i have read here in this forum and elsewhere even the "poor" aka squatters they have their own"yaya" or housegirl.

when you have ZERO at least if they work they have a meal and roof over their heads..


NOW on living on 43k=1000usd a month,,

YES it is possible very possible IF you limit your "western" lifestyle choices. & limit your help to the "family"

 you can even have aircon IF you budget the usage(not a 24/7) 5-7 hrs a day(night)


what ever you do HAVE A plan for





 regarding the "family" help them to improve their lives, not their lifestyle

.(read the previous topics on this, It could save your life and of course your pocket book$$$)



i would say more but i limit myself of posting to much negativeness


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But I recognize a LOT of things I could do without or less of.



:) Allen, all well and good until you come and spend a lot of time here or maybe more so, when you retire. When I used to come over for 2/3 months at a time things were always OK. It really is the time you want things, need things, that are just not available as easy as at Home or even as cheaply, that will bring it all home. I love this Place dearly but my Western ways come out big style, when I just can't get what I want/need when I want them or more importantly, at the right price.


This is when the long nose tax comes in, There is always some one, a cousin a Brother-in-law  Friend or a friend of a friend to help you out, at of course, your expense, OH! don't get me wrong, I am not going to knock my chosen Family or Friends, Life, is a business here  and everything has a value. There are two types here, us and Them (Filipino or Foreigner) the Western Foreigner is and will always, be a target. over the years it has always been that way. the Locals know how we ran our lives when at home and earning the money for our retirement 

I lived in Spain for nigh on 20 years and they are just the same (the Spanish that is)


The Filipinos are just continuing where the Spanish left off, lets screw all, while making sure we do not get screwed ourselves. (The Spanish taught our hosts well and have a lot to answer for)

Harsh words, No, True words. All to many times, I see and hear those from Europe The US and AUS even the Chinese Trying to be a Big Fish in a small sea, Wrong of course, we are medium fish in a Vast Ocean. If we just try and keep our Western ways curbed a little, blend in some. Stop trying to mend something that is not broken we might just get a little sympathy and have them look on us as People and not just an ATM or cash Cow.


It is not just about eating out or the Golf days that I mean as Western Ways, it is having an understanding of how they view us. We come from a world of safety features on everything, from electric to lights on Bikes.


If, we want all these things that we were brought up with, it will cost. I built my house last year, I could have done it for far less but I wanted some added things I knew I would miss from the UK, so I had them put in  at a greater cost than i thought it would be


So what I am trying to say is, any Western thoughts put into action, is going to cost



I hope Allen, that this is all making sense to you, When you eventually move here, I am sure you will remember and more readily understand what, we are all trying to say to you now.


Seeing is believing, only when you live here, will you come to terms with what you read from People who have done it and live with it.


Whatever you choose, I wish you well my friend. Just come with an open mind and think more Filipino and less Westerner. It will be cheaper :thumbsup:




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Hi, I have fast read the posts on this thread,So I may have missed it but has anyone mentioned your visa fees? plus the cost of transport be it purchasing a vehicle [ very overpriced here] or allowing budget for taxi which are cheap, but not so cheap if your living on 1000USD, the novelty soon wears of from Jeepneys.



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