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Rp Airlines Featured In Eu Banned Airlines List

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I just discovered that RP airlines are included in the EU Banned Airlines list


List Here


On a positive note, a press release stated;


It's good to feel reassured...I hope


On the positive side, I am happy to note further safety progress, particularly in the Philippines, Sudan and Zambia. These countries, as well as a number of other countries where safety is gradually improving, remain for the moment on the list, but I am confident that positive decisions are in the pipeline if things keep moving in the right direction.
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I flat refuse to fly on an airline named Scat. :thumbsup: So Khazakstan is probably off my list.


I told my friend I like a seat at the back of the cabin and when he asked why, I told him because I had never seen an aircraft back into a mountain. :bash: 

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Oh. In some topic some months ago, I said they are not improved here, but then someone answered that's changed.

But since then I have noticed PAL is approved by USA. Perhaps USA has lower demands than Europe?  :)   Or Europe is perhaps just slower to change such when improved?

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This is at the start of the RP section.


"All air carriers certified by 

the authorities with 

responsibility for regulatory 

oversight of the Philippines, 

with the exception of 

Philippine Airlines"



It would be recalled that the European Union last July 12, 2013 lifted a ban preventing PAL from flying to European airspace after the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) got a positive impression at the EU’s Air Safety Committee (ASC) in Belgium.

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