Blind Man Shot By Mistake, Dies

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Medic Mike

A blind man was shot in the head while he washed his face inside his home in barangay Lahug, Cebu City.

The suspect identified as Antonio Quitor Jr., a resident in the area targeted another person, a 27-year call center agent named Michael Lagahit who was walking in an alley, Thursday, 7 a.m.

Instead the bullet hit 56-year old Diosdado Cimafranca Jr., killing him in the spot. Angry relatives and neighbors thought Lagahit fired the shot and mauled him. While Cimafranca’s family was mauling Lagahit, Quitor fled the scene.

SPO4 Reys Cuyos said Quitor had a grudge on Lagahit which caused him to shoot him while he walked in an alley in sitio Arco.

Quitor was later arrested by motorcycle riding policemen and Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) members. He will face criminal charges while Laga

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